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 On Your Behalf

  • ​On May 15, AMCHP staff members Andria Cornell and Jeanette Kowalik participated in the ACOG-CDC Maternal Safety and Mortality Meeting in Washington, DC. As a panel presenter, Andria shared the successes of the 12 states that participated in the AMCHP Every Mother Initiative and joined Dave Goodman, from CDC Division of Reproductive Health to describe a newly announced collaboration with CDC Division of Reproductive Health, CDC Foundation, and Merck for Mothers to facilitate standard data collection and analysis and sharing of evidence-based practices and strategies for maternal mortality reviews.
  • On May 17, AMCHP staff members Megan Phillippi, Jeanette Kowalik, and Andria Cornell attended a Capitol Hill briefing hosted by the National Coalition for Maternal Mental Health. The briefing featured presentations from health professionals as well as consumers directly impacted by mood disorders, and coincided with a fly-in event to support the passage of HR 3235, "Bringing Postpartum Depression Out of the Shadows Act." AMCHP staff strengthened relationships with the participating organizations and looks forward to further supporting maternal mental health efforts moving forward in multiple sectors.
  • On May 17-19, AMCHP staff Atyya Chaudhry and Brent Ewig, attended and exhibited at the National Network of Public Health Institutes annual conference. The theme of the conference was Meaningful Collaboration, Lasting Change: Bridging Sectors to Advance Population Health.