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 Career Opportunities

AMCHP Searching For Associate Director of Epidemiology and Evaluation
The Associate Director of Epidemiology and Evaluation is accountable for the development, implementation and evaluation of program activities related to maternal and child health data and assessment through cooperative agreements and other funding sources. The Associate Director leads the Epidemiology and Evaluation Team and contributes to the advancement of MCH programs by building capacity, providing support, and enhancing the skills and competencies needed by MCH epidemiologists and data staff in states. This position leads the tracking, analysis, and reporting on federal and state programs impacting epidemiology capacity and plays a critical role in fund development for epidemiology, assessment, evaluation and quality improvement efforts.  The position develops funds and a staff team for AMCHP's efforts related to evaluation, assessment, epidemiology, and quality improvement. The Associate Director develops and maintains partnerships with relevant federal agencies, funders, and other national organizations, coalitions and groups concerned with MCH epidemiology, assessment, evaluation and quality improvement. The Associate Director leads technical assistance efforts for the organization related to epidemiology, assessment, evaluation and quality improvement. This position reports to the Director of Programs. Qualified applicants must have a Master's degree in public health, maternal and child health, epidemiology, health policy, or other health related or human services field with 6-10 related, progressive in responsibility including at least 3-4 years of supervisory experience. Direct work in an MCH state/local public health agency or related non-profit organization preferred. For more information and to apply, click here.

Department of Health and Human Services Seeking Public Health Analyst
The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is the primary Federal agency for improving access to healthcare by strengthening the healthcare workforce, building healthy communities, and achieving health equity. This position is location in Rockville, MD. The major responsibilities and duties of a Public Health Analyst include assisting with the promotion of public health programs for underserved populations; planning, developing, monitoring, implementing, and evaluating content or projected public health programs to assess their success in achieving objectives for various initiatives; analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of public health program operations; conducting studies and performing other analytic work related to planning, development, organization, administration, evaluation, and delivery of public health programs; and evaluating information and initiating research to validate existing policy and/or new programs or policies to help HRSA's Bureaus and Offices meet the goals set forth for their particular area. To apply, click here.