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 On Your Behalf

  • ​On Feb. 27, AMCHP hosted an in-person meeting of the Newborn Screening Contingency Plan Advisory Committee in St. Louis, MO. AMCHP staff Lacy Fehrenbach, Kate Taft, and Cori Floyd facilitated group discussions on recommended updates to the existing 2010 Newborn Screening Contingency Plan (CONPLAN). The national plan aims to provide guidance to states in developing their respective contingency plans so that in the case of emergencies, critical resources and continuity of newborn screening services are available to newborns and their families. The meeting was successful in making direct edits to the CONPLAN and developing action steps for completing the plan's update. In June, AMCHP and the Advisory Committee will submit a final product to CDC and HRSA for review and publication. To view the existing CONPLAN, click here.  
  • On Mar. 10, Lacy Fehrenbach and Lori Tremmel Freeman, with the help of Christina Ratleff and Megan Phillippi, participated in a quarterly call of the Infant Mortality CoIIN Strategic Partner Committee. This committee provides ongoing oversight and feedback on the strategic approach taken to achieve results for the Infant Mortality Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network and guides the vision and develop the strategy to meet project objectives based on knowledge of the external environment; relationships with organizations, states, and other key stakeholders; and experience in relevant content areas. Agenda topics included an overview of IM CoIIN progress to date; highlights and key observations from Virtual Learning Session 3; an overview of MCHB's proposal for an IM CoIIN extension; partner Year 3 IM CoIIN activities/updates and other partner work on infant mortality/birth outcomes; opportunities for further collaboration and to support states capacity to build data; CDC & MOD presentations; brainstorming of strategies on strengthening state IM CoIIN team linkages with existing state perinatal quality collaboratives; how we can further build data capacity as a national collaborative with a focus on Medicaid and Vital Statistics; how can we overcome existing barriers in order to build data capacity among states that need assistance; and supports that can be provided to state leadership in order to promote greater data capacity in states.