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 Publications & Resources

Zika Corner

Infants Born with Zika Virus Infection and Microcephaly in Puerto Rico
The Journal of the American Medical Association—Pediatrics published a report that discusses the estimation from Centers of Disease Control and Prevention scientists that 5,900 to 10,300 pregnant women may have been infected during the Zika virus outbreak in Puerto Rico in 2016. These estimates underscore the importance of the urgent actions being taken in Puerto Rico to prevent Zika virus infection during pregnancy and the need to plan for medical and supportive services for families affected by Zika.

Updated Interim Guidance for Managing Infants with Possible Zika Virus Infection
As a result of an American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention meeting in July 2016, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report published Update: Interim Guidance for the Evaluation and Management of Infants with Possible Congenital Zika Virus Infection—United States, August 2016. The guidance updates recommendations for the initial evaluation and testing of infants with confirmed or possible congenital exposure to Zika infection, and establishes recommendations for the outpatient management and follow-up for infants with laboratory evidence of congenital Zika virus infection.

Resource Guide for States and Communities Caring for Infants and Children Affected by Zika Virus
The Health Resources and Services Administration created a publication that focuses on the comprehensive health needs of infants and children affected by the Zika virus. It is intended as a planning resource for states and communities to develop a coordinated response to meet the immediate and long-term needs of infants and children affected by Zika, as well as their families. The resource guide applies a system of care approach and builds on existing federal and state services and programs for supporting children with special health care needs.

Epidemiology in MCH
DataSpeak: Utilizing the Title V Information System Data
The archive of DataSpeak on the Title V Information System (TVIS) is now available. This July 2016 webinar presented an orientation to the new TVIS Web Reports webpage, which includes prepopulated, downloadable graphs, financial information and the ability to view multiple years of data.  

Health Reform Implementation in MCH
Medicaid Managed Care Rules Will Improve Transparency and Accountability
The Center for Children and Families and the National Health Law Program launched a series of briefs that unpack the Medicaid/Children's Health Insurance Program managed care regulations. The briefs discuss consumer information, consumer experience, network adequacy, quality, accountability and the implications for children.

Improving Women's Health and Birth Outcomes through Medicaid Incentives
The National Academy for State Health Policy and the National Institute for Children's Health Quality published a new issue brief that details Medicaid models that provide incentives for the use of effective contraception to support healthy and planned births. The brief includes examples of state strategies to improve postpartum follow-up to monitor mothers' physical and emotional health and to start discussions about birth spacing and future pregnancy plans.

Child and Adolescent Health
Supporting Parents of Young Children
The Engineering, Medicine and National Academies of Science published Parenting Matters: Supporting Parents of Children Ages 0-8. The publication reviews research on parenting practices and identifies effective practices. The report recommends ways agencies and others can support interventions that help more parents learn about effective parenting practices.
Bully-Free World
The Bully Project designed a toolkit for parents, teachers and students to help children with special needs confront bullies.

The Correlation Between School Attendance and Chronic Health Conditions
The National Association of Chronic Disease Directors published School Attendance, Chronic Health Condition and Leveraging Data Improvement: Recommendations for State Education and Health Departments to Address Student Absenteeism. The report discusses the connections between school attendance and chronic health conditions, promotes the notion that more must be done to integrate school health services and provides recommendations for action.

Women's & Infant Health

The Importance of the Well-Woman Visit
The recent volume of the Northwest Bulletin: Family & Child Health, a collaboration of the Center of Excellence in MCH at the University of Washington/Seattle and state MCH programs, focuses on the first National Performance Measure (NPM): The Well-Woman Visit. The next 15 volumes of the digital publication will explore the new NPMs, beginning with the measures most frequently selected by Region 10 states.