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 Publications & Resources

General Maternal & Child Health

Project Leadership: Effecting Change, One Parent at a Time
Children with special health care needs and their families rely on a complex web of services, systems and programs, yet their voices often go unheard when policies are being developed. With funding from the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children's Health, Family Voices of California has developed Project Leadership, a training curriculum aimed at increasing the capacity of families to engage in public policy advocacy. The curriculum is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of families, and also provides ongoing mentoring and support. In the program's first two years, 79 family members around the state completed the training and began participating in committees and planning bodies; testifying at state and local hearings; and telling their stories through the media. To view the publications, click here.

Women's & Infant Health

Healthier Pregnancy Provider Training
The Healthier Pregnancy Initiative is designed to help providers and organizations increase the uptake and quality of preventative services for pre and perinatal patients. Healthier Pregnancy offers free continuing education opportunities, tools, and resources for pre and perinatal health care providers to implement efficient and effective screening, intervention, and referral practices for the Affordable Care Act covered preventative services, such as tobacco use counseling, alcohol misuse screening and behavioral counseling, screening for depression and intimate partner violence, screening for management of obesity, and interventions to promote breastfeeding. To visit the website and learn more about the resources, click here