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 Management Minute

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." – Alan Kay

We are now in the final phases of our nearly year-long strategic planning effort to create the AMCHP 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. With your help, over the last 10 months, we have listened to your inputs, held facilitated conversations, and collected information virtually.

In late June, your extensive feedback culminated in the AMCHP Board of Directors finalizing a draft of the plan through a two-day process. The board focused its discussions on the following areas:

  • Identification of the conditions that will affect AMCHP in the next one to five years
  • Definition of assumptions about AMCHP's future environment and critical uncertainties inherent in that future
  • Implications of the above to AMCHP's future direction
  • Assessment of AMCHP's value as compared to competitors
  • Review of AMCHP's Core Ideology as compared to others
  • AMCHP's unique "envisioned future" – identifying what the organization seeks to become as compared to others
  • Longer‐term stretch goal (internal vision of what would constitute success for  AMCHP)
  • Vivid description (external vision of what AMCHP seeks to accomplish for its stakeholders)
  • Finalize and prioritize critical goals (specific outcomes AMCHP seeks to achieve)
  • Finalize draft strategic objectives
  • Prioritize draft objectives and strategies

In this column of Management Minute, we'll share the finished work on envisioned future and core ideology for AMCHP. The envisioned future includes AMCHP's 10+ year vision for the organization, providing a unifying focal point that represents a huge challenge with a clear finish line. The vision requires significant time to complete. Note that the new vision includes the qualifying terms, 'values and invests' to enhance its meaning and impact.

AMCHP envisions a nation that values and invests in the health and well-being of all women, children, families, and communities.

The core ideology clarifies what doesn't change for an organization in an environment of rapid and unpredictable change. The core ideology consists of the AMCHP's core purpose (mission) and core values. The AMCHP mission is a concise statement of the organization's reason for being. It recognizes the uniqueness of AMCHP. Below is the newly revised mission for AMCHP. Note that the new mission represents a rather significant change from the prior mission in that it focuses on the broader impact of MCH programs to the overall health of women, children, and families.

The mission of the Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs is to protect and promote the optimal health of women, children, and families.

Core values are essential and enduring tenets of the organization – a small set of timeless guiding principles or characteristics. Core values require no external justification – they have intrinsic value and importance to those inside the organization. These values are so fundamental and deeply held that they will seldom change if at all. The primary changes in core values proposed included the concept of collaboration replacing partnership and empowerment, the redefinition of diversity to inclusion, and the addition of excellence to represent a focus on continued quality improvement.

AMCHP Embraces These Core Values
Leadership                                                                                          Inclusion
Collaboration                                                                                       Integrity
Health Equity and Social Justice                                                         Excellence

During the next several issues of Management Minute, I'll continue sharing the results of our strategic planning work together for your consideration. In our next issue, we'll focus on the strategic goals and objectives. By November, we will be sharing the actual final strategic plan as well as elements of the accompanying operational plan.

During the upcoming 2016 AMCHP Annual Conference, the leadership also will offer a sharing opportunity with members and partners to converse about the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or initial reactions to our envisioned future (vision), core purpose (mission) and values, your feedback is most welcome.

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