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 Board Corner

These volunteer leaders have been elected by you to provide for the care and future direction of AMCHP. This information is meant to provide you with a resource for a new MCH connection, a better understanding of the role of board member, or simply to peak your interest in the work of your peers.

This month, we have the privilege of introducing you to two additional AMCHP leaders that currently serve on the AMCHP Board of Directors: Toni Wall and Marilyn Hartzell. For more information about Toni and Marilyn, please visit AMCHP Board Member biographies here.

Toni has been an AMCHP member since 1999, serving in multiple volunteer capacities including current stints on the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors, and the Governance Committee of the organization. She also was the AMCHP representative to the National Initiative on Physical Fitness for Children and Youth with Disabilities from 2003-2005. Toni has been an active member of the AMCHP board since 2013 as the Region I Director.

Since 1999, Toni has worked as the director of the Children with Special Health Needs Program at the Maine DHHS/Maine CDC/Division of Population Health. She counts as her proudest accomplishments her research on naturally occurring fluoride in Maine that eventually led to Maine testing for fluoride in well water prior to prescribing fluoride; her true commitment to family involvement at all levels; and her past six years serving on her town planning board where she serves as the current board chair.

Toni comments about her AMCHP experience, "Prior to volunteering for the AMCHP board, I asked myself what I truly cared about and it was children with special health care needs and their families.  I wanted to bring that passion to the board. The AMCHP board has afforded me a place where I can use my energies to learn from the past, engage in the present and be a part of future endeavors to improve the lives of women and children."

She also shares that her favorite quote by Fred Devito is, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." Toni has this quote over her desk and tries to challenge herself everyday in both her professional and personnel life.

Marilyn has been an AMCHP member since 2007 and currently serves on both the Emerging Issues and Legislative and Health Care Finance Committees of the organization. Prior to joining the Board of Directors, she also volunteered her time to the Workforce and Leadership Development Committee of AMCHP. Marilyn has been an active member of the AMCHP board since 2013 as the Region X Director.

Marilyn's background training and formative professional years were in program evaluation and research with training in health policy. Later, as she began to work with Title V CYSHCN programs as a program evaluator as well as support  policy development activities, Marilyn actually became a mom of a child (now adult!) with special health care needs. Marilyn shares with us, "by the time my son was becoming a young adult, I became the director of the Oregon Title V CYSHCN program – an honor!"

About her experience with the AMCHP Board of Directors, Marilyn reflects, "AMCHP provides Title V directors and programs tremendous support that helps them succeed. I wanted to give back to the organization that helps our Title V programs succeed!"

Please take a moment to visit the AMCHP Board page on the website for more details and how you can reach Toni Wall and Marilyn Hartzell.