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 Legislative & Policy Corner

Health Reform Implementation

Medicaid Programs 50th Anniversary
Jul. 30 marks the 50th anniversary of the Medicaid programs. AMCHP recognizes Medicaid as the foremost safety net program for maternal and child health populations. Medicaid has been instrumental in providing access to coverage and delivering health care to millions of vulnerable women, children, and families. Our state and territorial members have a long working relationship with Medicaid – as partners, stakeholders and colleagues. The complementary work of Medicaid and Title V highlights the benefits of joint public health – health delivery system approaches to improving outcomes for MCH populations. AMCHP and its members thank our dedicated colleagues in the Medicaid program, at both the state and federal levels. It has been an honor to work in partnership with Medicaid over the last 50 years and we look forward to achieving our shared goal of a nation of healthy children and families. 

Health Affairs – July Issue
In recognition of the Medicaid 50th anniversary, Health Affairs July issue focuses on Medicaid and the evolving delivery system. This issue focuses on several populations and topics including the role of Medicaid in community health centers, state examples of incentive payments, Medicaid and mental health and addiction services, among others. While Health Affairs is not a free publication, the abstracts are available for free here. In addition, the Health Affairs blog has a brief entry on the July issue. 

Enhancing the State Health Insurance Marketplaces
The National Health Council (NHC) developed state-specific progress reports to assess health insurance markets across the states. These reports show the variability across the insurance marketplaces and identify states where changes could improve access to coverage and care for patients. They also can identify leading states that set best practices for patient friendly requirements. The report is available here.