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 Board Corner

This month, we have the privilege of introducing you to two additional AMCHP leaders that currently serve on the Board of Directors: Susan Chacon and Linda McElwain. For more information about Susan and Linda, please visit AMCHP Board Member biographies here.

These volunteer leaders have been elected by you to provide for the care and future direction of AMCHP. This information is meant to provide you with a resource for a new MCH connection, a better understanding of the board member roles, or simply to piqué your interest in the work of your peers.

Susan Chacon, a member of AMCHP since 2010, has volunteered her time to AMCHP in several areas including as a member of the Emerging Issues Committee, Family and Youth Leadership Committee and the Governance Committee.

Her valuable professional background working with children and youth with special health care needs has brought much desired expertise to the Board of Directors. Susan currently serves as the CYSHCN director with the New Mexico Department of Health Children's Medical Services. She has been a professional social worker for more than 20 years with 15 of those years spent working for the children with special health care needs program in New Mexico in various roles. Susan describes her passions as "working to address social, cultural and economic inequities in health care."

"I had great respect and admiration of the AMCHP staff and the support and technical assistance they provide to the states," say Susan when sharing her thoughts of becoming involved with AMCHP at the leadership level. "When it was time to select a new Region VI representative to the board I was excited to submit my name as a way of giving back to the organization and to develop a better understanding of the operations and support to AMCHP. I had no idea that my tenure would include MCH 3.0!! It has been a wonderful and inspiring experience to be part of this new chapter for the Title V family."

In her spare time, Susan is the proud mother of two 'wonderful boys' ages 10 and 12 and enjoys all the 'beauty and plethora of activities New Mexico has to offer with my family.'

Linda McElwain is new to the AMCHP board this year and has been an active member since 2011.

As a nurse, Linda expertise and experience spans more than 30 years and includes a variety of diverse settings including hospitals, public health settings, and home visiting programs within both the military and public health. She currently serves as the Maternal and Child Health Unit manager for the Wyoming Department of Health.

She also brings to our leadership interesting and unique exposure to maternal and child health internationally having enjoyed serving MCH in a Haitian mission hospital, as a home visitor for the Navy and Marine Corps New Parent Support Program in Puerto Rico and Okinawa and a short stint with an Emergency Disaster Relief Team in Lebanon.

We are very much looking forward to learning how Linda's international MCH experiences complement those of her domestic counterparts and what lessons might be gleaned from her important work overseas. Linda says of her work with AMCHP, "I have appreciated the support AMCHP provides to us as a state and a region and look forward to learning more and networking."

Please take a moment to visit the AMCHP board page on the website for more details and how you can reach Susan and Linda.