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 Board Corner

By Sam Cooper III, LMSW-IPR

Welcome to a new feature of Member Briefs. As your president, I have the privilege to be able to work with an outstanding group of board members. These volunteer leaders were elected by you to provide for the care and future direction of AMCHP.

I want to use the space on this and future editions of Member Briefs to introduce you to your AMCHP Board of Directors. This information is meant to provide you with a resource for a new MCH connection, a better understanding of the board member roles, or simply to peak your interest in the work of your peers. We will link each "introduction" to the AMCHP website for more detailed biographical information. I hope that this will be useful for you.

With this inaugural Board Corner, I am pleased to introduce your president-elect, Eileen Forlenza. (For more information about Eileen, please visit AMCHP Board Member biographies here.) With her election this past January, Eileen brings her experience in state government, private sector business, and leadership development, not to mention her most important role as Mom. Eileen has worked in the Title V system in Colorado for nearly 15 years and has been dedicated to developing mechanisms to ensure that the perspective of the "end user" is leveraged as a quality improvement strategy. As a parent of a young adult with special health care needs, Eileen brings to this position a depth of experience in systems navigation, community inclusion and policy analysis.

She previously served as a family representative on the board for seven years and told me how honored she feels to be the first family leader delegate to be elected to this leadership role. When Eileen and I spoke about long-term vision, she shared, "My vision is that family leaders will be acknowledged and supported as part of the MCH workforce." The AMCHP commitment to family and professional partnership is a strength of the organization and with four of our current board members serving as family delegates, we have an excellent foundation for continued collaboration. In her current role as president-elect, Eileen is leading the Governance Committee and will be reaching out to you later this year to seek nominations for the next election.

Please take a moment to visit the AMCHP Board page on the website for more details and how you can reach her.