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 Management Minute

For any movement to gain momentum, it must start with a small action. This action becomes multiplied by the masses, and is made tangible when leadership changes course due to the weight of the movement's voice.
~ Adam Braun 

This quote speaks to me because I have felt so energized and invigorated recently – by attending our amazing annual conference and being part of the incredible energy and positivity emanating from our members and partners and by the lively participation and engagement of AMCHP members in our strategic planning conversations. I have felt empowered by the voices of all of you, individually and collectively, and the sheer force of the momentum felt.

We've now progressed through most of the pre-planning work for our strategic plan, and I absolutely believe that the inputs provided by all of you will most definitely shape, and potentially alter, the course of our future.

At the 2015 AMCHP Annual Conference, we had the opportunity to move into phase III of our pre-planning. We did this during the in-person regional lunches through facilitated conversations. Even if you weren't able to come to the conference or to participate in the luncheon discussions, we'd like to highlight the critical questions of this final phase and have you continue to participate in the conversation virtually.

This final phase shifts our thinking toward being intentional about the future of AMCHP. This involves thoughtful exploration about the environment in your states and programs, the trends you are experiencing and issues at the forefront of your work, opportunities for MCH, pressure or threats to MCH, and what types of programs, services and assistance will help you thrive in your environments.

​​Key Member Engagement PHASE III: Intending the Future

Key Member Engagement Question #4
What are anticipated trends or critical issues for the future in the work of Title V programs?

Key Member Engagement Question #5
What are the potential opportunities (which we may not yet know how to exploit)?

Key Member Engagement Question #6
What are the potential threats (which we may not yet know how to defend against)?

Key Member Engagement Question #7
What services, benefits, education, technical assistance, etc. do you need most from AMCHP over the next one to three years?

If you haven't already had a moment to provide feedback, we'll continue to be gathering your thoughts and inputs over the next several weeks. You are encouraged to respond in any number of ways:

EMAIL.pngSend a personal e-mail response to

 FB.pngVisit AMCHP on Facebook and post a comment on our wall

TWITTER.pngTweet your feedback, comments, input to this question to #amchpengage or tweet to @amchpceo

SHARE.png Visit the Strategic Engagement SharePoint site for more opportunities to be part of the strategic planning conversation. You can revisit all of the strategic engagement key questions and complete our survey.

As a preview to the next Member Briefs, I'll be sharing some of what we learned so far from what you've shared.

Please seize this opportunity to provide authentic and real feedback to guide the future of AMCHP – we continue to embrace and welcome your inputs!

Comments, counterpoints, suggestions, or thoughts are always welcomed. E-mail me at