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 Management Minute

There is no perfect strategic decision. One always has to pay a price. One always has to balance conflicting objectives, conflicting opinions, and conflicting priorities. The best strategic decision is only an approximation – and a risk. – Peter Drucker

In this column of Management Minute, we begin to wrap up our work on the strategic planning effort. You may recall that in September, the broader goals of AMCHP were shared, as well as the trends describing significant shifts that are occurring now, and some general assumptions about our future. To recap, the broader goals are depicted below, along with the new AMCHP vision, mission and core values.


In order to achieve our goals, the AMCHP Board of Directors set about defining objectives. Objectives describe what we want to have happen with an issue. What is the desired direction AMCHP needs to move toward in order to accomplish the goals noted above? What would constitute success in observable or measurable terms? Objectives generally indicates a direction (increase, decrease, all, none, more, reduce, consolidate, abandon, more, less, fewer); assume a three-to-five year timeframe; and are reviewed every year by the board. Below are the 2016-2018 strategic plan objectives defined by the AMCHP Board of Directors.


With the conclusion of this work, the goals and objectives set by the board have now officially formed the basis for AMCHP staff to work on its operational map to chart progress and to set about achieving the goals, objectives, mission, and vision of the organization. In September, the AMCHP staff held a retreat to begin to define the activities and strategies for the goals and objectives. A draft operational map has since been developed and is currently under review by the board that indicates the activities and strategies needed to support the objectives and to accomplish the goals. The operational map also defines the measures and metrics needed to evaluate progress on the objectives and broader goals. The measures and metrics will further evolve into a dashboard tool that can easily be reviewed quarterly by the board to track progress and outcomes. The strategies that form the operational map will be reviewed and adjusted annually by the Board of Directors.

Next month, Management Minute will finalize this series of columns associated with the strategic plan by sharing the one page visual of the plan and key elements of the operational map. Members also will have an opportunity during the upcoming annual conference to learn more about the strategic plan during regional meetings and during planned sharing sessions. We hope you'll continue to actively engage in the discussions and provide your feedback and perceptions.

If you have any thoughts or reactions to the any of the strategic planning materials presented thus far through Management Minute, including the objectives shared in this issue, your feedback is most welcome.

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