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 On Your Behalf

AMCHP working on your behalf.

  • On Sept. 23 and 24, the AMCHP child & adolescent health team hosted an in-person summit alongside its partners under the Adolescent & Young Adult Health (AYAH) National Resource Center to formally launch the AYAH Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network (CoIIN). The two-day meeting took place in Rockville, MD and included project officers and leadership from the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, including Dr. Michael Lu, experts from the National Resource Center, faculty from the University of Michigan Adolescent Health Initiative, and staff from Young Invincibles. Interdisciplinary teams from five states (Iowa, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas and Vermont) were engaged in interactive activities and action planning focused on increasing access to preventive services, ensuring AYA-appropriate service delivery, and high-quality clinical practice for these distinct populations. The CoIIN aims to identify and implement evidence-based strategies to increase access to and the quality of preventive health care visits for adolescents and young adults. The goal of the summit was to facilitate collaborative learning and peer sharing through sessions on collective impact, quality improvement models for public health, and comprehensive approaches to improve access to and quality of care for AYA preventive visits.