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 Management Minute

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. Mahatma Gandhi

Happy New Year! This year marks the year when AMCHP officially conducts its long term planning and we welcome you to continue to engage in meaningful dialogue around our future. As our pre-planning efforts continue, many of you have already taken an opportunity to comment via email and SharePoint. Please continue to do so! We want to capture, catch, arrest, grab, snag, draw, attract, gain, win, hold, grip, captivate, engross, absorb, and occupy your interest and attention in AMCHP's future.

This issue poses a third and final key question for you to contemplate about your perception and understanding of the AMCHP mission: ​

The AMCHP Mission
AMCHP supports state maternal and child health programs and provides national leadership on issues affecting women and children.

For this round of feedback, we invite your thoughts, feedback, and active dialogue as we explore with you the following key question:

Key Member Engagement Question #3:​
Does the AMCHP mission answer these key questions?

A. What need do we fill? What niche do we occupy? What problem are we attempting to solve?

B. Whom do we represent? Who are our members/population base?

C. What are our geographic boundaries?

D. How do we service our clients/members/population base?

This is your chance to provide a unique contribution to AMCHP that represents your distinctive perspective. You are encouraged to respond in any number of ways:

EMAIL.pngSend a personal e-mail response to

 FB.pngVisit AMCHP on Facebook and post a comment on our wall

TWITTER.pngTweet your feedback, comments, input to this question to #amchpengage

SHARE.png Visit the NEW Strategic Engagement SharePoint site for more opportunities to be part of the strategic planning conversation. All members received a special email invitation to join the site in December.

As a preview to the next Member Briefs, we'll be focusing on understanding AMCHP's past and if our previous goals and objectives were meaningful to our members – stay tuned.

Please seize this opportunity to provide authentic and real feedback to guide our organization's future – we continue to​ embrace and welcome your inputs!​

Comments, counter-points, suggestions, or thoughts are always welcomed. E-mail me at