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 Management Minute

You have to know the past to understand the present. Carl Sagan

This week, we move into Phase II of our pre-planning effort to engage members in AMCHP strategic planning efforts. This new phase moves the conversation away from the AMCHP mission as we turn attention to your understanding of the current AMCHP strategic plan, its overarching goals and strategies.

Please access the online survey here to rate the importance of each goal and their associated strategies in the context of your own work and overall understanding of AMCHP priorities.  

​​Key Member Engagement PHASE II:

In the previous strategic plan, the
f​ollowing were identified goals and strategies. When considering the current needs in your state and within your jurisdictions and how you feel supported by AMCHP, how important are these goals and strategies today? Complete our survey here.

Goal 1
AMCHP will advance the nation's health by improving material and child health outcomes and achieving health equity.


1.1: Build the capacity needed to identify and address MCH priorities across the life course through training, TA, and information dissemination.

1.2: Support and enhance the skills and competencies of the MCH workforce with a focus on leadership development and mentoring.

1.3: Support the spread of effective MCH practices and innovations with AMCHP members, partners and other stakeholders.

1.4: Convene and lead strategic alliances to advance health equity and improve MCH.

Goal 2
AMCHP will strategically communicate the critical importance of MCH issues.


2.1: Develop and implement an annual policy agenda with a MCH focus.

2.2: Communicate the critical role of MCH programs by engaging key audiences including AMCHP members, policymakers, families, youth, and other consumers of MCH services, MCH professionals and practitioners, and the media.

​Goal #3
AMCHP will be the lead organization supporting and representing state and territorial MCH programs.


3.1: Ensure the long-term financial stability of the organization.

3.2: Increase member, family and youth participation in AMCHP planning, advocacy, and programmatic activities including volunteer leadership opportunities within AMCHP.

3.3: Position AMCHP to respond proactively to member needs to address emerging MCH issues.

3.4: Continuously evaluate and improve AMCHP's organizational support for and effectiveness of its operations.

Please plan to participate at the AMCHP conference as we continue our conversations about planning. Join your regional lunch meeting on Monday to participate in a focused conversation around priorities that are important to your work in your state. Please seize this opportunity to provide authentic and real feedback to guide our organization's future – we will embrace and welcome your inputs!

Comments, counter-points, suggestions, or thoughts are always welcomed. E-mail me at