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 Career Opportunities

AMCHP Seeks Associate Director, Health Reform Implementation (#14-10006)
The associate director, health reform implementation is accountable for the development, implementation and evaluation of program activities within AMCHP's National Center for Health Reform Implementation through cooperative agreements and grants, including health reform activities that are part of the National MCH Workforce Development Center. The associate director reports to the director of programs and serves as liaison to the policy team. S/he leads efforts with AMCHP to 1) track, analyze, and report on federal and state legislation and programs impacting state maternal and child health programs and 2) help maternal and child health (MCH) programs improve health outcomes for women, children, and families through implementation of federal and state health reforms. To learn more, click here.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Opens Search Injury Prevention and Adolescent Health Program Manager
This position evaluates work procedures and plans the development and modification of data, policies and procedures for state and federal programs with respect to injury prevention and adolescent health. Responsibilities include working collaboratively with state and federal experts to develop and adapt program initiatives relative to injury prevention and adolescent health, based on best practices supported by research; preparing and reviewing grants and contracting for the delivery of required services including, but not limited to the CDC Rape Prevention and Education Grant and appropriate sections of the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant, Title V MCH Services Block Grant, etc.; and preparing progress reports relative to the above grants and other grants as required; reviewing and presenting injury prevention and adolescent health reports for use by administrators for decision-making and policy development and seeking additional funds to support injury prevention and adolescent program objectives and goals. For more information, click here.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services Seeks Family Planning Program Specialist
The family planning program specialist ensures effective state family planning program operations through management of federal and state funding or grants, supervision of staff, evaluation of work procedures and the development and modification of policies, data, procedures and guidelines for the state program. This position works in collaboration with other MCH professionals to ensure coordination of women's health activities, programs and planning. Responsibilities include reviewing and analyzing data, including statistical, fiscal and agency progress reports such as the family planning client visit record data system and family planning agency progress reports, to ensure compliance with federal reporting requirements; conducting surveys, studies, evaluations, needs assessments and preparing reports to direct program policy planning and resource allocation; preparing, reviewing and administering Federal Title X grant to ensure federal funding for the continuation of family planning services; reviewing and presenting family planning reports for use by administrators for decision making and policy development; and coordinating on-going program planning and developing program plan which includes long and short term goal setting, detailed objectives and activities and annual timeline, which is integrated into the federal Title X grant. To learn more, click here.

Oklahoma State Department of Health Seeks Preventive Medical Consultant (Social Work Coordinator)
This position serves as the Public Health Social Work coordinator and SIDS/Infant Safe Sleep coordinator. Primary responsibilities include coordination of public health social work and outreach services and administration of the Infant Safe Sleep/SIDS Program. Primary responsibilities include coordination of public health social work and outreach services and administration of the Infant Safe Sleep/SIDS Program. Typical functions of this position may include but are not limited to: Provide consultation to MCH areas including Child and Adolescent Health Division, Perinatal and Reproductive Health Division, and MCH Assessment; provide technical assistance to public health social workers (PHSW) statewide on MCH programs and, as needed, other CFHS (Community and Family Health Services) programs; serves as a liaison between Community and Family Health Services (CFHS) and MCH programs with PHSW technical supervisors. For more information about this position, click here.

North Carolina Accepting Applications for Women and Children's Health Section Chief
This position provides leadership, medical consultation and direction, overall guidance for policy, planning and accountability for the Section and the programs located within the Section. The position provides development and implementation of appropriate statewide health policy on issues related to women's and children's health issues; development of programs and initiatives with local health departments, nonprofits, the business and faith communities to address women's and children's health issues; accountability for contracted deliverables, funds spent and improved outcomes in communities; medical direction and consultation to Section programs, all 85 local health departments, related agencies and Section staff; statewide medical and public health leadership outside the Division of Public Health to physicians and other health professionals and their related organizations' leadership within the Division of Public Health; and representation for the State Health Director when requested. This position reports to the State Health Director and assists the State Health Director in formulating policies relevant to the health and wellbeing of the state's women, infants, children and families to assure consistency with the vision and direction of the Public Health Division and the expectations of state/federal and private funding sources. For more information, click here.

Ohio State University Opens Search for Disability Health Program Policy Analyst
Ohio State University is seeking a disability health program policy analyst to collaborate in the development of policy initiatives and to fulfill the goals of The Ohio Disability and Health Program at The Ohio State University Nisonger Center and the Ohio Department of Health. Roles and responsibilities include: actively participates in the development and establishment of policies to promote the health of Ohioans with disabilities; conducts complex policy/research analyses of broad range of programs and activities related to disability and health; researches and analyzes data on health status, cost, quality, use and access to health care services for individuals with disabilities; collaborates with appropriate state entities and disability organizations internal and external to the Department of Health; represents the Ohio Disability and Health Program to external parties; maintains knowledge of issues related to disability and health other duties as assigned. To learn more about this position, click here.