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 Legislative and Policy Corner

Further Citizenship and/or Immigration Status Documentation Needed for Federally-Facilitated Marketplace Enrollment
Individuals who have applied for insurance coverage in the federally-facilitated marketplace (in states that are not running their own exchanges) may have received requests for follow-up information to prove citizenship or immigration status. While most of these cases have been resolved, it is estimated that there are as many as 300,000 cases that are still unresolved and require follow-up action by the applicants. If applicants receive a letter requesting further documentation, they should provide it immediately or risk being deemed ineligible for insurance coverage and subsidies. This is true even if they have already sent in the required information before they received the letter because of previous issues with the website that resulted in documentation not being received. A helpful fact sheet from the National Immigration Law Center provides further background on the issue and instructions from the website can be found here.​