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 Legislative and Policy Corner

Health Reform Implementation
On Jul. 14, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the Medicaid Innovator Accelerator Program (IAP). "Through the IAP, we are building on lessons and recommendations we have heard from our state partners for specific opportunities to advance innovation, and we will develop strategically targeted resources and technical assistance that states can leverage to accelerate Medicaid-focused innovations to transform health care." This new technical assistance program will help jumpstart innovation by strengthening federal tools and resources to support states in advancing Medicaid-specific delivery system reform and by sharing lessons and best practices. The IAP will develop technical resources to support innovation through key functions:

  • Identify and advance new models
  • Data analytics
  • Improved quality measurement
  • State-to-state learning, rapid-cycle improvement, and federal evaluation

Ongoing consultation and collaboration with states as well as consumer groups, health plans, and health care providers and the academic community will be built into the IAP, and if you have a question or want to provide feedback to CMS about IAP, send an e-mail to: