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 On Your Behalf

AMCHP working on your behalf 

  • On Mar. 11-12, AMCHP staff Erin Bonzon and Andria Cornell participated in the Region II & III regional forum for Maternal, Infant, and Health Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) and Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS) grantees. The meeting featured leadership training and applied activities, peer-to-peer sharing through state presentations and breakout groups, and presentations on strategies to align efforts between MIECHV and ECCS programs. AMCHP staff participated as a member of the MIECHV Technical Assistance Coordinating Center and learned from states of the role of Title V in the design and implementation of early childhood systems.
  • On Mar. 11, AMCHP hosted the March of Dimes Prematurity Partners Steering Committee quarterly meeting. Lacy Fehrenbach, director of programs, presented on AMCHP’s recently released Breastfeeding and Early Elective Deliveries Issues Briefs and AMCHP’s role in informing MCH 3.0. The Steering Committee discussed the March of Dimes Annual Report; recent joint guidelines issues by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine that allow women to labor longer to help avoid cesarean sections; opportunities to reach out to states, particularly in the southeast that have not yet hit their target for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials Healthy Babies President’s Challenge; and the national roll-out of CoIIN.
  • On Mar. 12, AMCHP staff Megan Phillippi attend a briefing on Capitol Hill hosted by the March of Dimes on the cost of premature birth to businesses and steps employers can take to promote healthy pregnancies and babies. Speakers discussed the disparity of costs between uncomplicated term births and pre-term births as well as the benefits of utilizing the free Healthy Babies, Healthy Business program to open dialogue around women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy and to reduce instances of premature birth and health care costs.