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 Publications & Resources

General Maternal & Child Health

HARC Enrollment is Open
The Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative (HARC) is a new practice-based research network devoted to conducting collaborative studies with home visiting programs. HARC is open to the following groups: a) home visiting programs that provide home visiting to expectant families or families of children birth to five years; b) leaders of home visiting networks; and c) home visiting researchers. Members of HARC will have the opportunity to learn about opportunities to participate in research of interest to them, network with colleagues from diverse home visiting programs and gain quick access to important study findings. To join HARC, please visit their website and select the appropriate enrollment survey. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, call or e-mail Kay Gonsalves at 410-502-0545.

Women’s & Infant Health

Toolkit for Transitioning Newborns from NICU to Home
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality developed a new toolkit to help improve the safety of infants born preterm or with complex congenital conditions as those infants transition from the neonatal intensive care unit to their home. The toolkit features information on creating a Health Coach Program to identify the needs and concerns of parents/caregivers and facilitate follow-up care for the infant by primary care providers. As an online tool, the Health Coach can customize family information packets based on personal needs. The toolkit includes approximately 30 fact sheets, directed to either the clinician or the infant’s family, on topics that range from medications to breastfeeding to insurance coverage tips. For a free copy of the toolkit, please click here.

Child and Adolescent Health

New Publication from the National Evaluation of the CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Grant Program
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has published the seventh Evaluation Highlight from the CHIPRA Quality Demonstration Grant Program, now available on the national evaluation website under Reports and Resources. This Highlight, How are CHIPRA quality demonstration States designing and implementing caregiver peer support programs?, focuses on how states are working to expand access to peer support for caregivers of children with special health care needs and describes how states have recruited, trained, and supported peer support caregivers.