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 Management Minute

Nominate Your Peers for a 2014 AMCHP Award!

The field of maternal and child health (MCH) draws many dedicated, passionate professionals. The AMCHP annual conference provides a moment in which some of those who have made outstanding contributions can receive the recognition they deserve.

 With this Member Brief, we are reopening our call for nominations for five different awards. We welcome nominations in all categories.

We are particularly excited this year to premier a Young MCH Professional Award for relative newcomers to our field who have already made a significant contribution and show emerging and future leadership potential. As baby boomers move out of the workforce, the encouragement of outstanding young individuals dedicated to maternal and child health is essential.

I know all of you have busy days, and it is hard to find time to fill out a nomination form. But I also know that every day you work with people who deserve recognition, and that you have been inspired over the years by MCH leaders, innovators and mentors who should be applauded. Please take a moment today to nominate an outstanding individual that we can celebrate in January!  For more information about the awards, visit our awards page here.