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 CEO Transition Update


AMCHP said farewell to Dr. Michael Fraser last Friday, Jul. 26.  The Wednesday prior, staff honored Dr. Fraser at a farewell reception attended by more than 60 members, partners, and AMCHP staff. Guests toasted Dr. Fraser, thanking him for service, praising his leadership and noting that he put AMCHP on the move

 The Board of Directors established a search committee, co-chaired by AMCHP President Millie Jones and Katherine Bradley.  Eileen Forlenza, Nan Streeter, Toni Wall, and Suzanna Dooley serve on the committee.  TransitionGuides, the search firm hired to assist with the a national executive search to find Dr. Fraser’s successor met with staff and members of the search committee over the past two weeks to collect feedback to inform recruitment efforts for the new CEO.