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 Legislative & Policy Corner


House Appropriations Update
If you blinked you missed it. Last week, the House Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations Subcommittee posted a notice indicating that the committee would in fact release and mark up their version of the FY 2014 appropriation bill. Almost 48 hours later, the hearing was postponed due to “scheduling” issues. Many DC advocates speculate that the House does not want to release this bill because the cuts will be so devastating and it is easier for Representatives to discuss the cuts from a theoretical perspective. The Coalition for Health Funding is leading advocacy efforts urging the House to mark up this bill and sent a letter to House appropriators last week. AMCHP continues to closely monitor these developments and will keep you updated as this unfolds.

Please, please, please fill out our survey on sequestration so we can capture information about the impact these cuts had on your state programs and the population you serve. If it sounds like we are begging, it is because we are!  To date only six states have responded. The White House, members of Congress and the media are asking AMCHP for stories. If you have any questions please contact Carolyn Mullen.

Health Reform Implementation

ACA Update
On Jul. 26, AMCHP signed on to a letter to Sec. Sebelius along with various other maternal and child health (MCH) organizations in support of clarifying regulations regarding maternity coverage for adult children under the health plans of their parents up to age 26. Currently, offspring of dependent children are not included in this provision.