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DentaQuest Foundation Grants for Optimal Oral Health Campaigns
Deadline: Rolling
Through its Innovation Fund for Oral Health, DentaQuest will award up to $4.45 million in grants this year in support of projects that identify and work to overcome barriers to optimal oral health. For more information,
click here.

Tribal Public Health Capacity Building and Quality Improvement Grant
Deadline: Jul. 15
The purpose of this grant is to strengthen and improve the infrastructure and performance of tribal public health agencies and tribal health systems through capacity building and quality improvement. For more information, click here.

Consortium for Tobacco Use Cessation Technical Assistance Grant
Deadline: Jul. 15
This grant provides ongoing guidance, TA, training, and support in the areas of evidence-based and practice-based cessation approaches, community mobilization and partnership development, program strategies and sustainability, developing and revising strategic plans, and project monitoring and evaluation. For more information, click here.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program Emergency Relief Awards Grant
Deadline: Jul. 19
The purpose of this grant is to prevent, reduce and/ or eliminate waiting lists reported to HRSA for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). For more information,
click here.

NIH Care Management Research and Educational Foundation
Deadline: Jul. 19
Up to $150,000 will be awarded to support investigator-initiated research showing significant potential to inform improvements in the U.S. healthcare system by reducing health spending growth, enhancing quality and expanding access to health insurance and health care services. For more information,
click here.

ACYF/FYSB Basic Center Program Grant
Deadline: Jul. 25
The Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF), Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB) will award funding for the Basic Center Program (BCP). The purpose of the BCP is to provide an alternative for runaway and homeless youth who might otherwise end up with law enforcement or in the child welfare, mental health, or juvenile justice systems. The BCP works to establish or strengthen community-based programs that meet the immediate needs of runaway and homeless youth and their families. For more information,
click here.

Administration for Community Living Regional Self-Advocacy TA Grant
Deadline: Jul. 29
This grant provides regional support to self-advocacy organizations that focus on individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For more information, click here.

Building RWHAP Enrollment Capacity in ACA Health Coverage Programs Grant
Deadline: Jul. 29
As the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) funds will continue to be strictly used as payer of last resort, the purpose of this grant is to help RWHAP grantees ensure that clients are provided information and resources to promote enrollment in health insurance programs. For more information, click here.

CDC Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Program Grant
Deadline: Jul. 29
The purpose of this grant is to prevent sexual violence by implementing primary prevention strategies. This funding opportunity will advance this goal by increasing the proportion of RPE funded organizations that are implementing sexual violence prevention strategies according to general principles of effective prevention strategies. For more information, click here.

Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight Grants
Deadline: Aug. 1
The purpose of this grant is to expand and improve health insurance rate review and increase transparency in health care pricing by engaging consumers and small businesses in the process. For more information, click here.

Responsible Fatherhood Research Network Grant
eadline: Aug. 2
This grant will oversee a multiyear plan that aims to disseminate information about good fatherhood parenting practices by building research and practice knowledge and capacity; leading and supporting further development and evaluation of evidence- or theory-based interventions to increase positive father involvement in the lives of their children; and increasing collaboration, knowledge sharing and capacity building among investigators and practitioners. The network will be expected to have a primary focus on economically disadvantaged fathers and families and other under studied population groups. For more information, click here.

State Support for Demonstration Ombudsman Programs Grant
Deadline: Aug. 5, 3 p.m. EST
This funding opportunity will provide financial assistance over a three-year period to states to plan, develop and provide Demonstration Ombudsman Program services to individuals who participate in the Financial Alignment model. Grantee states will ensure that individual beneficiaries have access to person-centered assistance in resolving problems related to the demonstration. For more information, click here.

Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two Grant
Deadline: Aug. 15
This grant funds applicants who propose new payment and service delivery models that will provide better health, better health care, and lower costs through improved quality for Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP enrollees. For more information, please visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
announcement. For more information and to register, click here. Also, find a frequently asked questions page.

Regional Nutrition and Physical Activity Programs Grant
Deadline: Sept. 15
Grants of up to $40,000 will be awarded by the Aetna Foundation for programs that target communities where healthy food can be difficult to buy, and where social and environmental factors may limit people's ability to be physically active. Grants will support school-based and afterschool nutrition and fitness programs that help children learn healthy habits at an early age, community-based nutrition education programs for children and families, efforts to increase the availability or affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables in communities, and community gardening and urban farming activities for children and families. For more information,
click here.

Fahs-Beck Fund for Research and Experimentation Seeks Applications for Mental Health Research
Deadline: Nov. 1
Grants of up to $20,000 will be awarded to support research of interventions designed to prevent or improve major social, psychological, behavioral, or public health problems affecting children, adults, couples, families or communities. For more information, click here.

RWJF Executive Nurses Fellows
Deadline: Jan. 15, 2014 at 3 p.m. EST
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)
Executive Nurse Fellows program is a three-year advanced leadership program for nurses who aspire to lead and shape health care locally and nationally. Fellows strengthen and improve their leadership abilities related to improving health and health care. Awards are open to registered nurses who hold senior leadership positions in health services, scientific and academic organizations, public health and community-based organizations or systems, or national professional, governmental and policy organizations. For more information, click here.

CMS Cooperative Agreement to Support Establishment of Health Insurance Exchanges
Deadline: Oct. 15, 2014
Through this cooperative agreement, CMS will provide states, the District of Columbia, and consortia of states, with financial assistance for the establishment of exchanges. These awards will provide funds for the state to complete activities for achieving approval in accordance with Section 1321 of the Affordable Care Act and the requirements as established through the rulemaking process. For more information, click here.

NIH Initiative to Maximize Research Education in Genomics Diversity Action Plan
Deadline: Sept. 6, 2016
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) present this funding opportunity to facilitate the training of individuals at all careers levels (the undergraduate, graduate, post baccalaureate, postdoctoral and faculty levels) from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in scientific disciplines relevant to genomics to enable them to pursue genomics research that spans all areas of interest to National Human Genome Research Institute later in their careers. For more information, click here.