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 Publications & Resources

General Maternal & Child Health

CDC, NNPHI and GPHC Launch Planning Tool to Assist Public Health Leaders Approach the Future Strategically amid Health System Change and the ACA
CDC, the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI), and the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) have created Leading through Health System Change: A Public Health Opportunity. The tool can be used individually or with a team to examine the basics of the Affordable Care Act, apply adaptive thinking to questions related to health system change, and create an implementation plan to leverage the opportunities in the health care reform law to improve population health. To access the tool, click here.

Child & Adolescent Health

HHS Issues New Guidance for Children and Families Following Trauma
HHS has issued new guidance for children and families who have experienced trauma. This guidance comes in the form of a letter sent to state Medicaid directors and health officials, intending to encourage the integrated use of trauma-focused screening, functional assessments and evidence-based practices in child-serving settings for the purpose of improving child well-being. To read this letter and others, click here.

Women  & Infant Health

Listening to Mothers III: New Mothers Speak Out Survey Report Released
Conducted by Childbirth Connections, the second report of the third survey in this series combines results of 2400 initial participants and a follow up with 1072 in an exploration of mothers’ experiences during childbirth in U.S. hospitals from 2011-2012. The key questions posed by this survey are how are women faring in the postpartum period? And what are their views of maternity care and their role in it? To access this report as well as others, click here.