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General Maternal & Child Health

Archived Webinar Series on Public Health Communications
Recently, NACCHO and CDC jointly hosted a four-part webinar series to strengthen local health department communications capacity in the areas of marketing and branding, messaging, new media and public health communications evaluation. You can now explore these topics, as well as others, online in the webinar archives. To access this resource, click here.

Special Report on the Allegheny County Maternal and Child Health Care Collaborative
The effects of parental depression and childhood developmental delay are closely intertwined, and these issues are more prevalent among low-income and minority families than the general population. Over the past decade, the collaborative has worked to improve health care service delivery for Medicaid-eligible parents and their young children, a population often affected by parental depression and childhood developmental delays. Despite the connection between these issues, the systems that treat them usually function autonomously, leaving parents to seek behavioral health treatment for themselves and for their children on their own. Throughout four phases of work, the collaborative addressed this disparity in Allegheny County, PA. It successfully improved communication and facilitated teamwork among the physical and behavioral health, and early childhood intervention systems that treat these issues, while improving the rate of family engagement in treatment services. To access a full report by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Insurance Services Division of this groundbreaking initiative, click here.

CDC Releases Winnable Battles Progress Report
Learn more about the CDC Winnable Battles targets, what CDC is doing in support of Winnable Battles, and what progress is being made toward these goals. The report shows that CDC and partners are on track to decrease teen birth rates by 20 percent, reduce motor vehicle crash fatalities by 31 percent, and reduce certain health care-associated infections in hospitals by 60 percent by the 2015 target date. Identifying and focusing on Winnable Battles has helped promote progress. To read the full report, click here.

Child & Adolescent Health

Teen Drive Safety Toolset from the Center for Injury Research and Prevention
In conjunction with the Temple University Department of Public Health, the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research has released a set of learning modules aimed at advancing public knowledge of policy initiatives, existing and emerging research, and transformative models. The module on injury prevention, targeting teen driving, contains lecture materials on teen crashes, data sources to assess burden and evaluation policy, teen driving policy interventions, and a case example. This resource is available in both slide and video format. To access this resource, click here. To access other public health learning modules, click here.

Women’s & Infant Health

2014 Birth Defects Prevention Month Packet is Now Available
The National Birth Defects Prevention Network Education and Outreach Committee is pleased announce the release of packet materials for January 2014. Their goal for 2014 is to continue to increase awareness that birth defects are “common, costly and critical,” and to offer steps that can be taken by professionals, community groups and the public to prevent birth defects. Some of the new resources include sample letters to health care providers, a factsheet for policymakers, resources for grandparents of children with birth defects and tailored materials for local health departments. To download the full packet, click here, and take this brief survey to provide feedback, as well as suggestions for future materials. For questions, please contact Mary Knapp or Cara Mai