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Innovation Station

New MCH Emerging, Promising and Best Practices Added to the AMCHP Innovation Station
AMCHP is pleased to announce that new practices have been added to the Innovation Station database following a recent review held by the Best Practices Review Panel. Innovation Station houses reviewed MCH practices that range from new, emerging practices with solid design and evaluation plan to promising practices with strong evaluation data to demonstrate effectiveness to best practices that have been peer reviewed, extensively evaluated and replicated. Newly added practices include:

  • Empower Program (AZ): A statewide policy change that prioritized health by offsetting child care licensing fees. The policy incentivized centers to adopt evidence-based standards that promote health for young children, specifically focused on healthy eating, physical activity and smoke-free environments. (Best Practice)
  • Parent Child Assistance Program (WA): A three-year advocacy/case management model with high-risk mothers and their children that aims to
    build healthy families and prevent future births of children prenatally exposed to alcohol and drugs.
    (Best Practice)
  • Birth and Beyond California (CA): A quality-improvement model for hospitals to improve rates of “exclusive” breastfeeding. (Promising Practice)
  • Get Healthy Together (NM): An 18-month intervention to improve WIC staff self-efficacy and counseling skills with WIC clients related to pediatric overweight prevention and management. (Promising Practice)
  • Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait®: Originally a three-year initiative that used a multifaceted, “real world,” ecological design and evidence-based clinical and public health interventions to prevent late preterm birth, which has now been replicated in multiple states and communities. (Promising Practice)
  • Internatal Care Program (AZ): A clinical care and health promotion/education program for women with poor birth outcomes to improve future birth outcomes and preconception health. (Promising Practice)
  • Baby Steps to Breastfeeding (AZ): Promotes implementation of five evidence-based maternity care practices that have a positive impact on breastfeeding success for mothers who want to breastfeed. (Emerging Practice)
  • Dare to Dream (RI): An initiative to promote youth leadership development through a forum that provides support, services and opportunities that help youth with disabilities to achieve positive outcomes. (Emerging Practice)
  • Superior Babies Program (MN): A home visiting model with a collaborative, case management approach aiming to reduce the incidence of fetal alcohol related diagnoses and other prenatal drug related effects in children. (Emerging Practice)

 For more information about these programs and the AMCHP best practices program, visit the Innovation Station database or

General Maternal and Child Health

New Brief on Maternal and Child Oral Health Policy
The National Maternal and Child Oral Health Policy Center, in collaboration with AMCHP, Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD), March of Dimes, and Washington Dental Service Foundation, released a new issue brief, Improving the Oral Health of Pregnant Women and Young Children: Opportunities for Policymakers. This new brief provides state policymakers a succinct review of the research and evidence on dental care during the perinatal period, identifies current state guidelines that have been developed, reviews liability issues for dentists and medical providers, and outlines current state policy options to support the oral health of pregnant women and young children. To view the brief, click here.

Family Voices Releases the Second Edition of the Bright Futures Family Pocket Guide
This small, fun, easy-to-use book is designed to help families support health and wellness for their children at every age. The 2nd Edition is reorganized for greater ease of use, and has many updates and a great deal of new information. Developed for families by families, the Pocket Guide provides families with: information and encouragement for the roles families play every day in the health and well-being of their children; information about the importance of well child visits for all children, including children and youth with special health care needs; encouragement to speak up to take active roles in their children’s care; encouragement to form partnerships with other families and with professionals to improve policies, care, services, and support for all children and families; an overall framework for children’s good health and insight into all those who contribute to it; current, comprehensive, succinct information about child development; and links to resources and further sources of information for children’s good health. For more information, click here.

Children’s Health

New MCH Library Resource on Child and Adolescent Nutrition
The MCH Library at Georgetown University released a new knowledge path, Nutrition in Children and Adolescents. The knowledge path directs readers to a selection of current, high-quality resources that present evidence-based nutrition guidance, describe public health campaigns and other promotion programs, inform policy and legislation, and report on research aimed at identifying promising strategies for improving nutrition and eating behaviors within families, schools, and communities. Health professionals, program administrators, policymakers and researchers can use the knowledge path to learn more about child and adolescent nutrition, improve care, develop programs, and locate training resources and information to answer specific questions. To view the knowledge path, click here.