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 On Your Behalf

AMCHP Working On Your Behalf  

  • On Aug. 24-25, AMCHP staff, Piia Hanson, attended the National Consumer Workgroup meeting on the National Preconception Health Social Marketing Campaign hosted in Atlanta, GA. The goal of the social marketing campaign is to increase the proportion of women who plan in advance when to become pregnant and who engage in preconception health behaviors prior to becoming pregnant by increasing awareness, knowledge and favorable attitudes toward preconception health. The ultimate goal of the campaign is to improve women’s health and decrease birth defects. This meeting was designed to bring workgroup members and national partners together to discuss the social marketing campaign that will increase awareness about the importance of preconception health.
  • On Aug. 28, staff members Carolyn Mullen and Carolyn McCoy visited the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Family Health and Nutrition. They met with Ron Benham, Director, Division for Early Childhood and Special Health Needs and his team. The meeting covered several key areas and activities in the bureau, such as the budgeting process, prevention of preterm births, safe sleep, home visiting and other major efforts. It was wonderful for AMCHP staff to have the opportunity to connect with the department on “their home turf” and we thank the bureau for the effort that was put into organizing the visit.