Career Opportunities

AMCHP Women’s and Infant Health Team Seeks Summer Intern
AMCHP is looking for a graduate student intern for summer 2012. The intern will work with the Women’s & Infant Health Team on a variety of projects and initiatives. Potential projects include, but are not limited to: drafting a comprehensive overview of AMCHP’s Women’s and Infant Health Team to use as a resource and communicate the breadth of the team’s work to partners and funders; conducting an environmental scan of state health department Title V programs (maternal and child health services) to elucidate current programmatic efforts in the areas of preconception health, current programmatic partnerships between state health departments and state Medicaid agencies and/or current collaborative efforts between maternal and child health programs and chronic disease programs; producing a learning module on the Core Preconception Health Indicators to be hosted on the AMCHP website and the website of the MCH Epi Group; researching and drafting an issue brief highlighting best practices and examples of state programs translating data to action in regard to women’s and infant health; researching and drafting an issue brief/resource on the cost effectiveness of preconception health interventions; and identifying best practices in MCH programs and policies and preparing submissions to the AMCHP Best Practice data base: the MCH Innovation Station. For more information, click here.