Management Minute

Spring Cleaning

Spring is definitely in the air in Washington, D.C. – the famous cherry blossoms have begun to bloom and temperatures this past week have been in the 70s and 80s. It is a marvelous time to be in this city and enjoy all that spring offers. While this winter was not bad (we had no snow and, thankfully, the bitter cold stayed away), the change of seasons is definitely upon us – green is sprouting up, people are out on patios again, and jackets, mittens and hats have been left behind.

What does the season change mean to you? Is it an opportunity to do some “spring cleaning?” What can you get rid of? What have you been carrying around and not using? What dusty old things need to be aired out, shaken off or hung out in the sun? Is it an opportunity to cultivate new growth – flowers or vegetables – in your yard? Is it an opportunity to change your schedule – get up later to avoid the dark mornings and stay up later to enjoy the long days (at least at our latitude)?

Spring is a metaphor for newness in my life – for cleaning up and cleaning out, for change, and for doing things differently. Traditionally, in my faith, the late winter/early spring season of Lent has a similar feel to it – cleaning out, reconnecting, examining one’s self and spirit, getting things “right” with your spirit in preparation for the year to come. Many other traditions have a similar “spiritual” spring cleaning this time of year too. It makes sense given what the earth is doing all around us.

So, what will spring mean to you this year? Will you take the chance to do some spring cleaning of your own? I urge you to consider what you can throw out, recycle and give away. I urge you to shake up your routine, think about doing things differently or try something “fresh.” You might be surprised with what you find and the difference it can make. Let me know!