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 Legislative Corner

AMCHP Turns to 2012 Funding Advocacy – Launches Initiatives to Raise Title V Awareness
As we’ve reported, final federal agency spending plans implementing cuts made in the final FY 2011 continuing resolution are due to be finalized this Friday, May 13. We should be able to soon after confirm the final FY 2011 Title V allocation – which is expected to be flat minus a small across the board cut. We should also soon learn details on how CDC is allocating $740 million in unspecified cuts this year.  

As that work is finalized, AMCHP has already begun turning to our FY 2012 advocacy on behalf to the Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant and other key MCH programs. On April 15 we submitted written testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee articulating our request and justification for $700 million for Title V in FY 2012. A copy of that testimony is here – and a one-page fact sheet outlining our 2012 request is here 

Leadership of the House of Representative’s Appropriations Committee also just put out a call for Members of Congress to submit their programmatic funding priorities to committee chairs by May 20. This means there is a small window of opportunity for MCH advocates to urge your elected officials to include Title V among their priorities. Accordingly, on May 5, AMCHP issued a Legislative Alert to all members and friends listing five options for reaching members of Congress and urging advocates to take five for Title V. In case you missed it, a copy of that alert is posted here.

Support for Title V Featured in Three Major Newspapers – Members Asked to Share Link, Comment, Blog, Tweet and find Other Ways to Spread the Word
In concert with our recent push to raise awareness and support for Title V, we are pleased to report that an op-ed by AMCHP CEO Mike Fraser was picked up by three major newspapers. The op-ed raises awareness about how the program works and seeks to tie support for Title V with Mother’s Day. Last Thursday, New York’s Newsday newspaper ran the op-ed under the headline “A Wise Investment for Moms, Babies.” Newsday has the 12th largest circulation of all U.S. newspapers so this is terrific exposure and a major win in support of AMCHP’s Strategic Plan Goal 1 – “AMCHP will be an effective voice to strategically communicate the critical importance of maternal and child health issues.” Unfortunately on-line access to the full piece in Newsday is by subscription only but a copy posted with permission is available here 

On Sunday, The Des Moines Register picked up the op-ed under the headline “Honor Our Mothers by Backing Title V.” While smaller in circulation, this paper serves Senate Appropriations Labor-HHS Committee Chairman Tom Harkin’s home state which is key exposure and provided a high profile opportunity to highlight his leadership in protecting funding to date. Finally, an op-ed ran in the Kentucky Herald Leader under the headline “Support for Title V Honors our Mothers.” This is the home state paper for House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers who was the lead drafter of the House bill that initially proposed to cut $210 million from Title V.   

MomsRising also posted a version of the op-ed to the blog section of their website under the headline “Among the Most Efficient Programs: Maternal and Child Health.”    

Will you please help us expand and multiply this positive exposure by forwarding a link of the posting appropriate to your region to key colleagues and stakeholders and also consider sharing via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc? Also – consider joining the dialogue offered by the comment section below the article. Finally, in case you missed it, see our most recent Legislative Alert for five more ideas on how to raise awareness and support for Title V. Thanks!