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AMCHP August 8 National Policy Teleconference to Focus on Debt Deal Implications
Please join us on Monday, August 8 at 3 p.m. EST., for a national policy teleconference. We'll discuss the expected impact of the emerging deficit reduction framework on the Title V MCH Block Grant and other vital public health funding. We'll also outline AMCHP's August and September advocacy plans and what you can do to help shape critical future funding decisions. Click here to register.

AMCHP Call for Volunteer Leaders! 

Long Term Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

  • Board Nominations: AMCHP's Governance Committee is currently accepting nominations for 2012 AMCHP Board positions. These leadership positions guide, direct, inform and contribute to moving AMCHP's strategic directions and goals forward. The following are the open Board of Directors positions: 

1.     Secretary

2.     Treasurer

3.     Director at Large (3-year term)

4.     Family Representative

5.     Region IV

6.     Region VIII 

Volunteer leadership is critical to AMCHP's success. We hope that you will consider participating in the nominations process. More information about these positions, necessary qualifications and the nominations process may be found on the AMCHP website or by clicking here. We ask that all nominations be forwarded to the Governance Committee by August 31 to ensure ample time for the Committee to review all candidates' materials. Please note: Only named AMCHP delegates may be nominated to the Board. To verify your membership status, contact Julio Arguello, Publications & Member Services Manager.

  • Committee Appointments: One of the benefits of being an active AMCHP member is the opportunity to participate as a volunteer leader on AMCHP’s Organizational and Board Committees. AMCHP committees assist the organization in carrying out its mission, goals and strategic plan. They serve to engage members in activities, provide advice and guidance to the Board and staff, and make recommendations for policy analysis and development. They are comprised of AMCHP members and staff liaisons, and may also include representatives from federal agencies and involve partner organizations when appropriate. AMCHP is currently seeking members who are interested in volunteering to serve by being committee members.

    All committee appointments are for one year. If you are currently serving on a committee and would like to be re-appointed or remain on your current committee please let us know. If you are interested in volunteering for a committee or switching your current committee assignment, please indicate below which committees you are interested in joining. All committee appointments will be reviewed by AMCHP staff and committee assignments will be made by the AMCHP President in September. The following are the open Board and Organizational Committee positions:

1.     Adolescent Health Advisory Committee

2.     Annual Conference Planning Committee

3.     Best Practices Review Panel

4.     Emerging Issues Committee

5.     Family & Youth Leadership Committee

6.     Finance Committee (Board position)

7.     Governance Committee (Board position)

8.     Legislative & Health Care Finance Committee

9.     Workforce Development Committee 

Please visit to review descriptions of the committees. If you have any questions about volunteering for AMCHP, would like clarification, or would like a staff person to contact you please let us know. In order to be appointed or re-appointed to a committee, please let us know you are interested by taking our survey by August 31.

Short Term Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

  • Social Media Task Force: The Task Force will advise AMCHP on its implementation of social media strategies in coordination with current plans, including the AMCHP Strategic Plan, AMCHP Operational Plan, and AMCHP Communications Plan. The group will provide input to staff and the Board on how AMCHP can support state health agencies using social media in their work, and ways that AMCHP can leverage the use of social media including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and connect to other social media initiatives such as text4baby. Volunteers should have an interest in thinking about how to accomplish AMCHP’s strategic goals using social media, and have experience using social media for professional purposes in their own agencies or with other organizations. The Task Force will prepare a report to the Board on its activities and recommendations for future AMCHP work in this area in time for the February 2012 AMCHP Board Meeting. To learn more, please complete this brief survey
  • Annual Conference Session Proposal Reviewers Wanted: AMCHP is seeking interested members to review the 2012 Annual Conference session proposals. Reviews will be conducted online and are tentatively scheduled to be done between September 6-20 (just following the Labor Day holiday). Reviewers will be assigned no more than 10 proposals to review, which should altogether take approximately two hours to complete. If you have routinely been contacted to review session proposals in the past and would like to continue, it is important that you indicate your interest on the survey. We will create a new list of reviewers based on the response to this query. If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Campbell. 

2012 AMCHP Annual Conference Call for Session Proposals
The 2012 AMCHP Annual Conference will take place February 11-14, 2012, at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. The conference theme is “Improving Maternal and Child Health Across the Life Span: Acting Today for Healthy Tomorrows.” The AMCHP conference is the ideal venue to present your ideas, research, innovative programming, best practices and effective outreach strategies to MCH and other public health practitioners, directors of state programs, family leaders, researchers, federal officials, advocates and healthcare providers. Click here for complete information about submitting your proposal and for the online submission system. The deadline for session proposal submissions is August 22. You will be notified about the outcome of your submission by Friday, October 21. If you have questions about the session proposal submission process, please contact Colleen Campbell or (703) 964-1240, ext. 16.    

MCHB Call for Comments to Proposed Changes to the MCH Block Grant Application Annual Report
Please note that MCHB has published a notice in the Federal Register summarizing revisions and requesting comments on proposed changes to the Title V MCH Services Block Grant Application Annual Report guidance. AMCHP encourages Title V programs to review the Federal Register notice and provide feedback as appropriate. To learn more, visit here 

RWJF Call for Applications
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Scholars in Health Policy Research program develops and supports a new generation of creative health policy thinkers and researchers within the disciplines of economics, political science and sociology. Each year the program selects up to nine highly qualified individuals for two-year fellowships at one of three nationally prominent universities with the expectation that they will make important research contributions to future U.S. health policy. Application deadline is October 12. To learn more, visit here.  

New Webinar Series on Epi Info 7
The CDC's Epidemiology and Analysis Program Office (EAPO), Office of Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Services (OSELS) will sponsor a series of Epi Info™ 7 webinar demonstrations through September 27. Epi Info 7, scheduled for release in fall 2011, represents a complete technology overhaul of the Epi Info platform. The Epi Info development team invites interested public health professionals who work with epidemiological data to attend one of these upcoming LiveMeeting webinars. The next webinar will occur on August 9 from 1 to 2 p.m. EST. For more information, contact: Sara Bedrosian.

The National Health Care Transition Center to Host a Webinar on Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Health Care
The webinar, “Paving the Way to Adult Health Care - The New Clinical Report on Health Care Transition,” will convene on August 10 from 2 to 3 p.m. EST. The webinar will be based on a new clinical report published in the July 2011 issue of Pediatrics, describing what is needed for smooth transitions from pediatric to adult health care. To register for the webinar, visit here.