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Innovation Station

New MCH Emerging, Promising and Best Practices Added to the AMCHP Innovation Station
AMCHP is pleased to announce that new practices have been added to the Innovation Station database following a recent review held by the Best Practices Review Panel. Innovation Station houses reviewed MCH practices that range from new, emerging practices with solid design and evaluation plan to promising practices with strong evaluation data to demonstrate effectiveness to best practices that have been peer reviewed, extensively evaluated and replicated. Newly added practices include:

  • Mississippi Interpregnancy Care Project (MS): Pilot programs in two communities – one urban, one rural – among women who delivered a very low birth weight infant that aim to improve overall health status and optimize child spacing, and reduce subsequent poor pregnancy (Emerging Practice)
  • Healthy Weight Program (MA): A bilingual, culturally appropriate program to help overweight/obese Latina participants develop and maintain positive behavior changes and improve health outcomes for themselves and their families (Promising Practice)
  • Happy Teeth Healthy Babies (CO): This health campaign educates new and expecting parents about the connection between parent/baby dental health and motivate preventive behavior change, especially in high-risk populations (Emerging Practice)
  • Power Your Life Preconception Campaign (UT): A social marketing campaign to raise awareness of preconception health and increase consumption of folic acid (Emerging Practice)
  • Every Child Succeeds (OH/KY): A collaborative program providing home visits focused on proper child development for first-time, at-risk mothers, their babies and families on a regular basis from the time of pregnancy until the child's third birthday (Best Practice)
  • Healthy Women, Healthy Futures (OK): Offered at early childhood education centers , this program aims to improve the physical, emotional, social, dental and vision health of at-risk women living in poverty before they become pregnant again, thereby minimizing their risk of future premature birth or infant death (Promising Practice)

For more information about these programs and AMCHP’s best practices program, visit the Innovation Station database.

General Maternal & Child Health

Pediatric Pulmonary Training Programs and the MCH Library Release Sleep-Related Resource Guides
The six national Pediatric Pulmonary Training Programs and the MCH Library at Georgetown University have released a new set of resource guides about sleep and sleep disorders in infants, children, adolescents and pregnant women.

  • Sleep in Infants, Children, Adolescents and Pregnant Women: This Knowledge Path can be used by health professionals, researchers and community advocates to learn more about sleep, to improve diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, for program development, and to locate training resources and information to answer specific questions
  • Sleep in Babies, Kids, Teens and Pregnant Women: Resources for Families links to sleep centers and specialists and websites about sleep and sleep problems. A separate section presents websites for adolescents
  • Sleep: Resources for Schools points to websites and materials for educating students and their families, teachers and school staff about sleep and sleep disorders

Storytelling Best Practices: Websites – Free eBook Download
For more than a decade, Andy Goodman has been traveling across North America, speaking to and working closely with good causes that want to become better storytellers. As part of this work, he always visits each organization's website to see if it is being used effectively to tell stories. In most cases the answer is no, but over the years there have been some who do it really well. Storytelling Best Practices: Websites is a new free e-book that showcases the best in online storytelling by nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, educational and cultural institutions. Download a free copy today and find new ways to do more powerful storytelling on your website.

Supplement on Data Systems and Their Use in Addressing SDH Released
Sponsored by the CDC, this supplement brings attention to the increasing burden and inequities in some health outcomes, as well as the use of data to expand the knowledge base on social determinants of health (SDH). Several articles within the supplement describe novel ways to use surveillance data from both national and state-level data collection systems, while others demonstrate innovative ways of linking labor, housing and policy data with public health data to assess health outcomes. The supplement can be found here.

Adolescent Health

CDC Publishes New Video on Teen Pregnancy
CDC announced the launch of a new video by the Division of Reproductive Health: A Message to Health Care Professionals: Teen Pregnancy. In this video, teens urge health care professionals to talk to their teen patients about pregnancy and contraception to help improve the lives of all young people. You can view, download and share the video here.

Children’s Health

MCHB Releases "Collaboration and Action to Improve Child Health Systems: A Toolkit for State Leaders"
The toolkit is based on questions and discussions from 18 State Leadership Workshops in 14 states and Puerto Rico convened from 2004-2009. Through these workshops, Title V and Medicaid leaders generated the questions and system maps in the toolkit to advance the challenging work of improved coordination, integration, and management of services among provider, delivery mechanisms and financing streams. In FY 2012, MCHB Regional Office staff will be engaged in a distance learning course designed to “train the trainer” about the toolkit and to enable Regional Offices to support states in its use. State Title V directors may be contacted as a result of this interactive training. Notably, more than 40 AMCHP members were involved in the vetting of the toolkit in a special pre-conference session at the 2008 annual meeting. The toolkit, developed by Kay Johnson under contract to MCHB, also was peer-reviewed and piloted in Vermont and Colorado before its release. To download a copy, click here (it can be found under "MCH Collaboration").

Kaiser Issues New Resources on Adolescent Health
The Kaiser Family Foundation released two new resources that review the health risks facing adolescents today, their access to health services and federal and state policies that affect health services for adolescents. The Foundation released a new issue brief, Adolescent Health: Coverage And Access to Care, on adolescent health and a new issue module, KaiserEDU Issue Module on Adolescent Health, that can be found on its website.

New Resource to Facilitate Enhanced SOPH and HSSCO Collaboration
The National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center at Georgetown University and the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors released a new publication designed to assist partnership between state oral health programs (SOHPs) and Head Start state collaboration offices (HSSCOs) directors and staff in enhancing collaboration with one another. Partnership between SOHPs and HSSCOs could serve to improve communication and networking between local Head Start programs and others, resulting in enhanced oral health services for pregnant women, infants and children enrolled in Head Start and their families. "Strategies to Improve Collaboration between State Oral Health Programs and Head Start State Collaboration Offices" provides background information on SOHPs and HSSCOs and discusses how the relationship between the two has developed to date and outcomes of collaboration and provides recommendations for further collaboration.