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 March 26, 2020

Dear MCH Leaders,

I hope you and your family are well and prospering during this time of transition to our nation’s “new normal” of teleworking and social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has quickly changed the way we do business, interact with each other, engage with our families, and has introduced an amount of uncertainty into our lives in a way that we have not seen in recent memory. In the midst of it all, however, I am thankful for so many things, including being reminded of the things that are truly important in life and being surrounded by people like you whose tireless efforts and professionalism will help us all to come out on the other end of this situation much stronger.

My prayers are with those who have been impacted by this virus and those frontline healthcare professionals who are making unimaginable sacrifices to keep us all safe. A heartfelt thank you for what you’re doing every day in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

AMCHP is committed to working alongside you (our members) and those in the maternal and child health space to GROW through this. We are truly stronger together. There are a number of questions that we are receiving regarding; 1) resources and guidance specific to our MCH population, 2) self-care suggestions for caregivers and families who may feel isolated due to social distancing requirements, 3) potential impact to grant deliverables and 4) Title V reporting implications. We are hoping to help address these questions in the following ways:

  • LINK TO RESOURCES - We’ve been developing resources to help address these issues, as well as working with our federal agency and organizational partners to gather available information/resources and will be posting them to our website ( for your convenience. The site will be updated regularly as new resources become available.

  • COVID-19 TOWN HALL SERIES - We (and our federal agency partners) are very interested in talking with you to share information to assist in your planning around COVID-19, as well as to hear about your evolving needs and/or stories from the field. We will be scheduling a regular call for this purpose, which will begin on Thursday, April 2 at 2pET. It will be merged with AMCHP’s regular Monthly Policy call. More info to come. Please use this link to register, if you haven’t already.  

Please let us know how we may be of further assistance during this time.

Again, we are so thankful for you and consider it a privilege to work alongside you during this time. Please accept our virtual high-five from DC! We looking forward to working through this with you.


Jonathan Webb, MPH, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs

Asset 16-100.jpg

New From AMCHP

Virtual Screening of the New Documentary of Autism Goes to College on April 14AAM 2020 flyer final edit.jpg

The State Public Health Autism Resource Center (SPHARC), in partnership with College Steps, is excited to announce that it will be hosting a virtual screening of the new documentary, Autism Goes to College, for Autism Acceptance Month! The documentary features the story of five students on the spectrum who take us on campus and into their lives, offering an eye-opening look at what a growing number of neurodiverse young adults are bringing to their communities. 

WHEN? Tuesday, April 14, 2020: 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST

WHERE? Information for joining the virtual screening & discussion will be sent upon registration.

Register here.

ALL are invited! Title V MCH & CYSHCN leaders, autistic individuals and their families, students and peer mentors, public health professionals, and others wanting to learn more about supporting and accepting autistic individuals. Questions? Please contact Paige Bussanich at

Leadership Lab to Offer Two More Leadership Development Trainings

The Leadership Lab will be offering two more leadership development trainings for the 2019-2020 programming year. These trainings are offered in place of the typical cohort structure and are open to anyone interested in the designated topic for each training. 

AMCHP will host the last training in April 2020. A save-the-date notice and registration link will be sent after topics, presenters, and specific dates are identified; please be alert for more information. If you have questions, contact Michelle Crawford.

Board Corner

Note from AMCHP outgoing President, Cate Wilcox

Dear AMCHP Community,

As we wrap up this year, it signals the annual cycle of change for the Board of Directors. New officers are elected, others move into new roles and others end their service on the Board. I find this time bittersweet. I am energized by the opportunities new leadership brings and am sad to say good-bye to those who have led us through thick and thin for several years.  

But let’s start with a look back on this year. The three areas of focus this year were: anchoring and launching the Strategic Plan, initiating work to elevate the adolescent and young adult voice, and engaging all of us in new ways to advance AMCHP’s role in the MCH space. Where are we now?

  • Strategic Plan: After final vetting by membership and the Board, the Strategic plan was finalized. It was then used as a calling card to articulate how AMCHP will focus its work over the next 3-year cycle. Staff operationalized the plan with specific work plans associated with each priority area. An internal reporting dashboard is being finalized to help track progress on the activities and outcomes, ensuring we stay true to the plan.

  • Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA): This work began with several conversations with Adolescent Health Directors, those working with the AYA populations and youth themselves to hear what is working, what is not working and what would help elevate the AYA voice within AMCHP’s work. These conversations lead to a set of recommendations for action that fell into three categories: Partnerships, Structural Changes, and the AMCHP Conference. Much intentional work was done to include youth in the planning of this year’s Annual Conference. While the conference was postponed, we believe that when we do meet again, you will see and experience a noticeable difference in the youth voice and engagement —it’s very exciting to have them a part of this! In addition, work is moving forward to create a separate Committee of the Association specific for the AYA work. A workgroup is working with the current FYLC committee to make this change in the next year. We anticipate work on the remaining recommendations will continue in the next year(s).

  • AMCHP’s role in the MCH space: We continue to connect with our current partners and seek new ones. Through this work, AMCHP has been invited to help start a public-private initiative to improve maternal health with March of Dimes, Johnson and Johnson, ACOG and other parties. We’ve been invited to sit on a new Community Health committee with ASTHO and participate in key meetings around perinatal health and gun violence as a public health issue. More of these opportunities are popping up and we are embracing them to ensure the MCAH voice is front and center. These invitations acknowledge the expertise, leadership and collaboration AMCHP staff, leadership and Board bring to current and new initiatives. It is exciting and humbling.

Another key piece of work this year was anchoring the health equity initiative by establishing the Health Equity Committee of the Association. The Committee created a charter, recruited members and developed a work plan for this current year. This foundational work is critical to the success of the Committee going forward. What awesome movement forward on this key value and priority!

And, behind all this great work is the AMCHP organization. The focus this year was on assessing organizational strengths and areas for improvement and making necessary changes to assure the resources and capacity are working as best as possible within the new rubric of the Strategic Plan. Jonathan has been very thoughtful and strategic in working with staff to make key changes that will carry the organization forward in a stronger, sounder manner. I am happy and proud to say that AMCHP is fiscally healthy, organizationally strong, and well respected among partners and stakeholders.

Two long-time Board members will be rolling off the Board. Susan Chacon and Susan Colburn have been on the Board through 3 CEOs, 1 Conference cancellation (Snomaggedon!) 1 Conference postponement (COVID-19), more than 20 Board meetings each, and hundreds of calls, providing leadership, insight, expertise and positive energy. I admired how they offer support through thoughtful questioning as together we worked through tough and easy issues. They are smart, fun, kind and dedicated to this work. Thank you, Susan and Susan, for all you have done for and with us. We will miss you!

As I move into the Past-President position, I want to say it has been an honor and pleasure to serve as your Board President this past year. Thank you for your support. I am thrilled to have Shirley Payne move into this seat. She will bring so much to the role, the Board, the organization and you. Thank you, again, and take care!

Note from AMCHP incoming President, Shirley Payne 

Dear AMCHP Family,

It is an honor and privilege to transition to serving as your Board President! I want to thank Cate Wilcox for her excellent leadership and mentorship during the past year as Board President. Her foresight and leadership have set the foundation for AMCHP to strategically advance our work in a number of areas, including health equity, elevating the adolescent and young adult (AYA) voice, and collaboratively developing and cultivating new and existing partnerships. I look forward to continuing to move this work forward and finding meaningful and impactful ways to do so, not alone, but together and with your support!  

One of my favorite quotes comes from Fred Rogers and states: “We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. 

It’s easy to say, ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes.” I want to thank each of you, often times the unsung heroes, for responding to the call and continuing to fight the good fight every single day in your states, territories, and personally. You embody the core values of AMCHP and together we are making a difference! I’m excited to see what this next year has in store for us!

2020 Board Election

In this issue of Board Corner, it's our pleasure to share the results of the 2020 Board Election. These volunteer leaders have been elected by you to provide for the care and future direction of AMCHP. Please join us in congratulating the incoming Board members!

2020 board pictures.jpgNational AMCHP MCH Policy Calls 

AMCHP National MCH Policy Calls and COVID-19 Townhall Series

Please join us for AMCHP’s next All-Member National MCH Policy Call. The call is scheduled for Thursday, Apr. 2 from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ET. The link to register is available here.

The next All-Member National MCH Policy call will provide an opportunity for our members to hear about the current state-of-play related to COVID-19 and national policy as well as other pressing policy updates, as needed. We will be joined by leaders from HRSA's Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control.

AMCHP (and our federal agency partners) are very interested in talking with you to share information to assist in your planning around COVID-19, as well as to hear about your evolving needs and/or stories from the field. We will schedule a bi-weekly webinar for this purpose, which will be merged with AMCHP’s regular Monthly Policy call. Please use this link to register, if you haven’t already. 

Get Involved

Request for Applications Open for PRISM (Promoting Innovation in State & Territorial MCH Policymaking) Learning Community!

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials and AMCHP are accepting applications for organizations seeking to participate in Cohort Two of the PRISM Learning Community. The Promoting Innovation in State & Territorial MCH Policymaking (PRISM) Learning Community will provide technical assistance, capacity-building, and peer learning to help states advance policy solutions that address substance use and mental health disorders in reproductive age women. State teams will participate in a Fall 2020 Policy Academy in Washington, D.C. Each will benefit from in-state technical assistance and ongoing virtual learning opportunities. Applications are due April 17. For more information, see the full RFA here. 



Web Broadcast – An Insider’s View: The Congressional Response to COVID-19

As coronavirus threatens families’ physical, economic, and emotional well-being, leaders are working fast to respond. Please join AMCHP as ZERO TO THREE and Think Babies partners host a discussion with U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) about how Congress is responding to families’ needs in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Watch here on March 27 at 11:00 a.m. EDT.

Rep. DeLauro will share how Congress has responded to issues such as child care, Early Head Start, and paid family and medical leave, and answer questions from participants.

Rosa DeLauro is the Congresswoman from Connecticut’s Third Congressional District, which stretches from the Long Island Sound and New Haven, to the Naugatuck Valley and Waterbury. Rep. DeLauro serves in the Democratic leadership as Co-Chair of the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, and she is the Chair of the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee, where she oversees our nation’s investments in education, health, and employment. Rep. DeLauro also serves as chair of the Congressional Baby Caucus and on the subcommittee responsible for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, where she oversees food and drug safety.


We hope you’ll join us to Think Babies and ensure that families are supported during this unprecedented crisis.

Publications & Resources

Updated Resources from the Bright Futures National Center

Based at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Bright Futures National Center is consistently developing new resources and updating existing resources to improve the delivery of pediatric preventive care in a variety of settings. Visit the website to access resources for states and communities, families, and health care professionals. Note the following recent updates:

  • 2020 Bright Futures/AAP Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care (Periodicity Schedule) 
    Bright Futures/AAP Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Carealso known as the Periodicity Schedule, is published in the March 2020 issue of Pediatrics. The periodicity schedule recommends screenings and assessments at each well-child visit from infancy through adolescence. Additional visits may be necessary if circumstances suggest variations from normal. For example, developmental, psychosocial, and chronic disease issues could require counseling and treatment visits separate from preventive care visits. The Bright Futures/AAP Periodicity Schedule is updated annually. 

    Check the date in the top right corner of the periodicity schedule to ensure that you are referencing the most updated version. The following change was made to the Bright Futures/AAP Periodicity Schedule since it was last published in March 2019:

  • 2020 Coding for Pediatric Preventive Care 
    In addition to the 2020 Bright Futures/AAP Periodicity Schedule, the Coding for Pediatric Preventive Care booklet has been revised and is available for download. This complementary resource contains comprehensive listings of codes and services that coincide with the 2020 Bright Futures/AAP Periodicity Schedule.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact us at

Title V: Your Help is Needed to Count all Kids in the U.S. Census! 

AMCHP is pleased to release a package of materials to promote an accurate count of all children in the 2020 U.S. Census. Census results determine the allocation of billions of dollars in federal funds. It is critical to achieve an accurate count of children so that your state and local communities receive a fair share of funding to support MCH populations. Children are routinely undercounted in the decennial census. 

The AMCHP 2020 Census package ( includes three resources:

  • Counting Kids in the 2020 Census –a fact sheet for MCH programs and advocates
  • 2020 Census Social Media Resource Guide
  • Parent fact sheet: “Shape Your Children’s Future – Include Them in the Census! (English and Spanish)

We encourage you to disseminate these resources broadly. Please direct any questions to Jess Cohen 


New PRAMS Data Are Available to Researchers by Request 

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) State-level 2018 Data. PRAMS provides data on maternal attitudes, experiences and behaviors around the time of pregnancy. PRAMS is currently funded in 50 sites and covers about 83 percent of all live births in the United States, including 47 states, New York City, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Learn more.

New Post Alert: #ScreenToInterveneForAYAs (Adolescents and Young Adults) Behavioral Health Blog

The #ScreenToInterveneForAYAs blog has published several new posts in a series highlighting the state-level efforts of various maternal and child health (MCH) programs toward improving the rates of depression screening with an appropriate follow-up plan among AYAs. Check out the latest post in the series, to learn how the Vermont MCH team has leveraged the Title V Block Grant framework to prioritize AYA emotional well-being. Sign up here to receive updates from the #ScreenToInterveneForAYAs blog. To write a guest blog post or if you have any questions, please contact Anna Corona.

Innovation Station

Now Accepting Submissions to AMCHP’s Innovation Station: Due April 17 innovation station.png

Do you have an effective or innovative MCH practice you would like to have featured in AMCHP’s Innovation Station? AMCHP is currently accepting submissions for its spring best practices review. Submit your practice by completing the submission form. For additional resources to help you submit your practice, visit the Submit a Best Practice page, or contact Lynda Krisowaty.

On Your Behalf

AMCHP 2019-2020 Fiscal Year Membership Dues

AMCHP memberships are vital for individuals, organizations, state, and territorial programs with an interest in maternal and child health. Membership due notices have been distributed for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. If you have not yet had the chance to submit payment for your dues, click here for payment options.


Call for Proposals: 

Global Ideas for U.S. Solutions: Cities Taking Action on Health, Equity, and Climate Change 

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)

Deadline: April 30, 2020

Through a $3 million funding opportunity, RWJF seeks to bring the most impactful ideas from across the globe to U.S. cities to address the intertwined issues of health, equity, and climate change. 

Climate change threatens all of the factors that shape our health, including the quality of our air, food, and water. This environmental problem magnifies the inequities that prevent all people from having a fair opportunity to live a healthier life. 

RWJF seeks applications from a wide range of city leaders, including chief planning officers, city health officials, and the organizations that work with them. The goal is to learn from and adapt ideas from abroad to help mitigate the unequal health harms of climate change in U.S. cities. Learn more about eligibility and application requirements.  




National Endometriosis Awareness Month

National Kidney Month

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month