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 May 21, 2020

AMCHP Staff has a special message for you.


COVID-19 Resources

SAVE THE DATE: May 29th COVID-19 Webinar for Families 

The AMCHP Family and Youth Leadership Committee will host a forum via webinar on May 29 at 2 p.m., ET, to discuss COVID-19. Family leaders who are interested in joining in this webinar, please click here to complete a brief registration. You will receive the agenda and login information prior to the webinar.

AMCHP COVID-19 MCH and Community Resource Page

AMCHP is committed to working alongside our federal agency and organizational partners to gather available information, resources, and guidance specific to our MCH population during the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources are on our website ( for your convenience. The site will be updated regularly as new resources become available.

Resources Regarding Separation of Mothers and Newborns

Through AMCHP’s partnership with the Maternal Health Learning & Innovation Center, we are pleased to share with you this list of resources on issues regarding the separation of newborns from mothers with COVID-19 as well as related resources on considerations for pregnant women. 

American Academy of Pediatricians 


American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Every Mother Counts


Harvard Medical School: Trends in Medicine


March of Dimes


National Academy for State Health Policy —State Examples


New York Department of Health


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Gillings School of Global Public Health

New from AMCHP

AMCHP To Host #SexEdForAll Twitter Chat on May 27 

sex ed.jpg

We hope you can join AMCHP for a Twitter chat in honor of Sex Ed For All Month. On Wed., May 27 from 2-3 p.m., ET, AMCHP, and the State Adolescent Health Resource Center will host a #SexEdForAllChat. Click here to learn ahead of time the Twitter Chat questions and how to RSVP. 

AMCHP's 2020-2021 Leadership Lab: Take the Next Step in your Leadership Journey!

leaedership lab.png

AMCHP believes that achieving our vision of a skilled, flexible, and diverse MCH workforce starts with investing in the career and leadership development of individuals serving in many different roles across all states and territories.

Leadership Lab is a unique opportunity for Title V staff to accelerate their professional development in a way that is framed by the MCH Leadership Competencies and guided by adult learning principles. This 10-month commitment includes active engagement in webinars and discussions on cross-cutting topics such as health equity and crisis leadership, monthly interactive cohort activities, and regular communication with a matched mentor.

What can I expect from the Leadership Lab experience?

  • Exposure to information and resources that relevant for your current and future roles

  • Development and continuous revisiting of an individualized leadership plan

  • Opportunities to challenge yourself through collaborative activities and dialogue

  • Growing your peer network

  • Ongoing support from an experienced AMCHP staff Cohort Leader

  • A chance to “bring it all together” at the 2021 AMCHP Annual Conference

Leadership Lab is designed around YOUR professional roles and career objectives.

  • New Title V and CYSHCN Directors will develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities for effective leadership and impact at the state/territory level.

  • Next Generation Leaders will explore the “bigger picture” of MCH, applying systems thinking to current and anticipated challenges, and leading teams.

  • Family Leaders will build their leadership capacity to ensure that families are partners in programs and activities in their states/territories.

  • Epidemiologists and Data Specialists will enhance leadership skills to use in conjunction with their epidemiology/analytic capabilities for positive impacts on self and others.

  • Adolescent Health Leaders will develop skill sets to advocate for continued and strengthened adolescent health focus in MCH programs.

apply button-01.png

Applications are due by Saturday, May 30 at 8:00 pm ET. Please apply for only one cohort, even if you meet eligibility criteria for more than one.

Have questions? Contact Ben Kaufman, AMCHP’s Associate Director for Workforce Development and Capacity Building, at or (202)266-3044.

Interest Survey: To Recruit for Discovery Team to Formulate a New Committee Focused on Youth-Engaged Work   

As part of our commitment to support and model youth-engaged work, AMCHP will establish a new committee led by youth and young adult leaders to be included in its Board of Directors infrastructure. We are looking for a few interested youth and adult champions willing to assist and offer insight on the process to formulate this committee, including establishing a charter and bylaws. Please complete the brief interest survey: Feel free to share with youth groups that currently work with your MCH programs and initiatives.

Board Corner

AMCHP hosted its Virtual Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, May 7, 2020. If you missed it, you can access the recording here. Please feel free to direct any questions or comments to Nikeisha Ogletree, Associate Director, Human Resources and Administration.

National AMCHP Policy Calls 

AMCHP National MCH COVID-19 Townhall Series.

Thanks to those of you who joined us on the 4th webinar in this series on May 14th. The link to the recording is available here. The next call in this series is May 28th, 2:00-3:00 p.m., ET. Please use this link to register. For follow-up materials and resources from previous calls, please be sure to check out AMCHP's COVID-19 page.

This series will continue to provide an opportunity for our members to hear about the current state-of-play related to COVID-19 and national policy as well as other pressing policy updates, as needed. We will be joined by leaders from Health Resources and Services Administration's Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. AMCHP (and our federal agency partners) are very interested in talking with you to share information to assist in your planning around COVID-19, as well as to hear about your evolving needs and/or stories from the field.


Making Connections: The Critical Role of Family-Centered Care in Addressing Social Determinants of Health for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN): Webinar Series

National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical Home, Bright Futures National Center, and the Screening Technical Assistance and Resources Center

June 18, 2020, and June 23, 2020, 12-1 p.m., ET

The National Resource Center for Patient/Family-Centered Medical Home (NRC-PFCMH), in partnership with Bright Futures National Center and the Screening Technical Assistance and Resource (STAR) Center, is hosting this two-part educational webinar series.  The goal of the series is to provide state Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) / CYSHCN programs, pediatricians, families, and other stakeholders with information about the impact of social determinants of health (SDoH) on CYSHCN and their families, including implementation strategies for state programs. The series will discuss the role of these groups and state systems in addressing SDoH for CYSHCN by using components of the medical home model. View more information about the series here. Register for the June 18 webinar here, and register for the June 23 webinar, here.

Center of Excellence for Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) and Children’s Equity Project: Webinar Series- April 30–July 30, 2020

Equity in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Webinar Series 

This webinar series aims to promote equity through IECMHC by building awareness of the impact of institutional racism and other forms of bias that affect the experiences of children and families from disadvantaged communities. The series identifies policies that support more equitable systems and strengthens culturally responsive IECMHC practices that reduce disparities and improve child outcomes. 

The series will consist of three remaining 90-minute webinars, as follows: 

  • Culture, Identity, and History as Sources of Strength and Resilience for Tribal Communities 

May 28, 2020, 12:30 p.m.‒2:00 p.m., ET Register here

  • Culture, Identity, and History as Sources of Strength and Resilience for African American Children and Families 

June 25, 2020, 12:30 p.m.–2:00 p.m., ET | Register here

  • Culture, Identity, and History as Sources of Strength and Resilience for Latino Children and Families 

July 30, 2020, 12:30 p.m.- 2:00 p.m., ET | Register here

The content of each webinar serves as a building block for the next in the series. Space is limited. Register today!


Publications and Resources

AMCHP Recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month

In recognition of the importance of mental health to the well-being of women and children, AMCHP has published a synopsis of its organizational work on mental health and substance use disorders. Supporting the work of AMCHP members in addressing mental health and substance use disorders at the state level – and serving as advocates at the national level – is an AMCHP priority.

Title V: Your Help is Needed to Count all Kids in the U.S. Census!

AMCHP recognizes that state health departments are working around the clock during the COVID crisis. Given the importance of the census and the long-term implications for funding and resources that MCH populations rely on, AMCHP encourages all our partners to promote the 2020 census through their social media channels. Access these ready-to-use Tweets and Facebook posts here:  

Getting to ‘Y’: An Evidence-Informed Youth Engagement Strategy in Vermont

The latest post in the #ScreenToInterveneForAYAs (Adolescents and Young Adults) blog features guest writer Sharon Koller, Coordinator for the Getting to ‘Y’ youth engagement program in Vermont. Ms. Koller shares how the Getting to ‘Y’ program engages youth as leaders to interpret and respond to Vermont’s Youth Behavioral Risk Survey results. The post outlines the general program components as well as the evidence that points to its effectiveness to promote youth well-being. Sign up here to receive updates from the #ScreenToInterveneForAYAs blog. To write a guest blog post or if you have any questions, please contact Anna Corona.


Women’s Preventive Screening Initiative (WPSI) Updated Well-Woman Chart Now Available

The Women’s Preventive Services Initiative (WPSI) is pleased to announce the 2020 update to the Recommendations for Well-Woman Care—A Well-Woman Chart. The well-woman chart is a comprehensive tool that summarizes preventive services recommendations for women from the WPSIU.S. Preventive Services Task Force, and Bright Futures based on age, health status, and risk factors. The chart links to additional recommendations for immunizations from the Advisory Committee on Immunization PracticesTo download or request a free hard copy of the most up-to-date version of the chart and clinical summary tables, please visit the WPSI website.

Innovation Station

AMCHP and Children’s Safety Network Unveil a New Implementation Toolkit to Help Title V Agencies Meet National Performance Measure 7 on Injury Hospitalization

AMCHP, in partnership with the Children’s Safety Network, released a new implementation toolkit to help Title V agencies meet National Performance Measure (NPM) 7, focused on injury hospitalization.

The NPM 7 toolkit is part of a series of toolkits that provide evidence-based and evidence-informed practices, publications, and other resources geared toward each NPM. The toolkits contain information that can be implemented at the state, territory, and community levels. Toolkits include implementation-focused resources and guidance from AMCHP, and from AMCHP’s Innovation Station, with contributions from Title V agencies and other partners in maternal and child health (MCH).

Eleven toolkits have already been published on the following topics:

  • Well-woman visit (NPM 1)
  • Breastfeeding (NPM 4)
  • Developmental screening (NPM 6)
  • Physical activity (NPM 8)
  • Bullying (NPM 9)
  • Adolescent well visit (NPM 10)
  • Transition (NPM 12)
  • Preventive dental visit (NPM 13)
  • Adequate insurance (NPM 15)

Toolkits on perinatal regionalization (NPM 3) and safe sleep (NPM 5) have recently been released. To access the toolkits, click on AMCHP’s Implementation Toolkits page.

We hope these toolkits will encourage Title V programs to learn from one another and share their strategies and resources to improve MCH practice across the country.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health is essential for the well-being of mothers, children, youth, families, and communities. This year’s mental health month theme is #Tools2Thrive and AMCHP highlights three Innovation Station practices that are related to mental health. The practices include: 

  • BRIGHT Intervention (Building Resilience through Intervention: Growing Healthier Together) (a Massachusetts emerging practice) 
  • Iowa’s 1st Five Healthy Mental Development Initiative (an early childhood promising practice).
  • Health Screening Services for Expectant and Parenting Student Parent Programs at Colleges and Universities (a Minnesota cutting-edge practice). 


Click here for more details on these practices and opportunities to replicate tools. 


On Your Behalf

AMCHP and Partners Held the Maternal and Child Environmental Health Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network Final Group Convening

On May 5, AMCHP co-hosted a “Harvest Meeting” of the Maternal & Child Environmental Health Collaborative Improvement & Innovation Network (MCEH CoIIN). This meeting brought together more than 50 individuals representing eight of the nine state teams, national and federal maternal and child health (MCH) experts, partner organizations, and other key stakeholders. The CoIIN goal is to decrease maternal and child morbidity and mortality associated with exposure to lead. A Harvest Meeting is an effective process to capture and summarize lessons learned and best practices at the end of a project. 

Partners in attendance included the National Institute for Children’s Health Quality, the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, National Academy for State Health Policy, and National Environmental Health Association. AMCHP staff – Kate Taft, Michelle Crawford, Maura Leahy, and our partners – facilitated the meeting, which explored how context affected state team success, to reflect on best practices and recommended activities, share barriers and lessons learned, and discuss experiences and promising practices related to family and community engagement. The recommendations from the Harvest Meeting will inform the development of an implementation toolkit or playbook. This culminating product of the CoIIN will be used to disseminate what state teams learned, tested, developed, and accomplished during the CoIIN. It will serve as the CoIIN’s contribution to practice-based evidence and as a resource to states and communities that want to address lead exposure and lead poisoning for MCH populations through improved systems and services. Stay tuned! We expect that the toolkit will be completed and disseminated later in 2020. For more information about the MCEH CoIIN, click here.

zoom screenshot.jpg

AMCHP 2019-2020 Fiscal Year Membership Dues

AMCHP memberships are vital for individuals, organizations, state, and territorial programs with an interest in maternal and child health. Membership due notices have been distributed for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. If you have not yet had the chance to submit payment for your dues, click here for payment options.


The Society of Family Planning Research Fund provides grants for research on abortion and contraception. Funding opportunities aim to advance the following two strategies in their strategic plan:

  • To build and support an inclusive, multidisciplinary, diverse, and well-connected community of scholars and partners who have a shared focus on the science and clinical care of family planning 

  • To support and advocate for the production of research that will have an impact. 

The grant opportunities are as follows: 

Society of Family Planning Research Fund 

Deadline: June 17, 2020

This grant will provide dedicated support to researchers of color. Awardees will receive 20 percent protected time, funds for a career development activity, stipends for two mentors, participation in the Changemakers cohort, Society of Family Planning membership dues for two years, full accommodations to attend the 2020 and 2021 Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting, and attendance at a private networking event at the annual meeting.

Deadline: June 17, 2020

This grant will support trainees as they establish a family planning research portfolio. Awardees will receive funds for a research project, funds to publish one open-access publication, participation in the Emerging Scholars cohort, Society of Family Planning membership dues for the year of the award, full accommodations to attend the 2020 and 2021 Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting, attendance at a private networking event at the annual meeting, and a stipend for an Society of Family FP-matched mentor.

Center for Disease Control

Firearm Injury Surveillance Through Emergency Rooms  

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention

Deadline: July 8, 2020

This grant is expected to fund seven recipients to improve the timeliness of surveillance of emergency department (ED) visits for nonfatal firearm injuries. Timely state- and local-level data on ED visits for nonfatal firearm injuries are now limited. The collection of near real-time data on ED visits for nonfatal firearm injuries overall and by intent (intentional self-directed, unintentional, and assault-related) at the state- and local-level could improve state and local practitioners’ ability to identify and respond to emerging public health problems.

The goal of this funding opportunity is for recipients to improve the timeliness of surveillance of ED visits for nonfatal firearm injuries. Collaboration will include sharing data to improve syndrome definitions, data collection methods, analysis of surveillance data, and presentation and dissemination of findings. This funding opportunity will serve as a pilot to demonstrate the feasibility of monitoring nonfatal firearm injuries using syndromic surveillance data. It will result in tools and methods that state and local health departments across the nation can use to rapidly track and respond to firearm injuries. Eligible applicants will receive more information about this opportunity on a conference call webinar on Thurs., May 28, 2020, at 2:30, ET. To join the ZoomGov meeting, click here. (The Zoom Meeting ID is 161 102 4811; password: 679331.) For more information about the CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention or to speak with one of our staff, please email



Mental Health Awareness Month

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Preeclampsia Awareness Month

World No Tobacco Day (May 31)