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 February 13, 2020

Annual Conference

AMCHP 2020 is Only 5 Weeks Away- Register Today!

Join us at the Crystal Gateway Marriott: 1700 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, Virginia
AMCHP's 2020 Annual Conference is the perfect opportunity to connect and network with nearly 1,000 public health officials who share an interest in maternal and child health. The theme for the conference—to be held March 21-24 in Crystal City, Va.—is The Power of Connections: Building Equity for Healthy GenerationsRegister by Feb. 21 to receive an early bird rate. For additional information, please contact Samantha Freeman. We look forward to seeing you!

Room Blocks:
The AMCHP room block Crystal Gateway Marriott is currently SOLD OUT. Try these two close-by options:

The Westin Crystal City Reagan National Airport
1800 Richmond Highway, Arlington, Virginia 22202
(703) 486-1111
2 blocks from the conference location 

Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport
1999 Richmond Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202
(703) 413-5500
4 blocks from the conference location

UPDATE: Sessions for Youth and Young Adults
Tuesday morning plenary at the AMCHP Conference: Inside a Teen's Mind: Empower Youth Empower You! This Tuesday morning plenary session will focus on the emotional well-being and resiliency of adolescents.  

Child and Adolescent Health Discussion Roundtables
Monday, March 23, 2020, 10 a.m.- 11 a.m.; 3:30 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Preliminary topics for these roundtables include the:

  • New age of school stressors (suicides of peers, active shooter drills, social media and bullying, and isolation)
  • Vaping epidemic

We need your help: Enlist program youth and network partners from your states and communities to facilitate discussions and express their points of view. Invite them to help with key conference activities and participate in networking opportunities with other young people and AMCHP leaders, concurrent workshops and poster sessions, and plenaries featuring presentations by youth panelists. The Benefit to Them: A discounted rate of $430 for youth and young adults (including students) for the entire conference; a rate of $245 for partial registration (one- or two-day). Note that registration includes breakfast and lunch on Monday; breakfast on Tuesday. Airfare and accommodations are not included. Access the conference website here. For more information, contact  Iliana Siarmalis-White. 

New From AMCHP

Save the Date! Collaboration Lab #5 — Exploring Partnerships to Ensure all Voices are at the Table and Involved in the Title V Block Grant/Needs Assessment Process

Join AMCHP on Feb. 25, 2020 from 3-4:00 p.m., ET, for a new collaboration lab webinar. This webinar will feature innovative approaches Title V programs have employed to engage underrepresented stakeholders, such as community health workers, mixed-status families, and adolescent health coordinators, in their needs assessments and action plans. Register here.

Leadership Lab to Offer Two More Leadership Development Trainings

The Leadership Lab will be offering two more leadership development trainings for the 2019-2020 programming year. These trainings are offered in place of the typical cohort structure and are open to anyone interested in the designated topic for each training.

AMCHP will host the last training in April 2020. A save-the-date notice and registration link will be sent after topics, presenters, and specific dates are identified; please be alert for more information. If you have questions, contact Michelle Crawford at

Legislation and Policy

President Trump Releases FY 2021 Budget Proposal: Outlook is Mixed for Maternal and Child Health

On Feb. 10, President Trump released his administration's fiscal year 2021 budget proposal. As a reminder, the president submits a budget proposal to Congress each year that establishes the administration's budget priorities for the coming fiscal year and proposes funding levels for all federal executive departments and agencies.  Congress is responsible for passing appropriations legislation to fund the government. The President's budget proposal is not necessarily a sign of how Congress will decide to allocate funds. Congress often funds programs differently from what is proposed in the President's budget proposal.

With those caveats, here are op-line points from the President's budget proposal:

  • Increase funding to the Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant (MCH Block Grant) by $73 million, from the fiscal year 2020 funding level of $687.7 million up to $760.7 million. Of that increase, $60 million would be directed to the MCH Block Grant state formula funding and $13 million would be directed to the Special Projects of Regional and National Significance (SPRANS) component of the MCH Block Grant.

  • Cut funding for several programs that the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funds. These programs are critical to maternal and child health, and proposed amounts are as follows:

    • Autism and other developmental disorders ($52.3 million in FY 19);
    • Emergency medical services for children ($22.3 million in FY 19);
    • Heritable disorders ($17.9 million in FY 19); and
    • Sickle cell disease treatment ($5.2 million in FY 19).

CONTEXT: Although AMCHP is pleased to see the proposed increase for the MCH Block Grant, note that this increase is coupled with the proposed elimination of funding for the four complementary MCH programs listed above, which are currently funded (FY 2020) at a combined total of more than  $97 million. The budget proposal assumes that states would absorb these four programs using their allotted MCH Block Grant dollars.

  • Establish a new Improving Maternal Health in America Initiative across the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that focuses on four strategic goals:

    • Achieve healthy outcomes for all women of reproductive age by improving prevention and treatment;
    • Achieve healthy pregnancies and births by prioritizing quality improvement;
    • Achieve healthy futures by optimizing postpartum health; and
    • Improve data and bolster research to inform future interventions.

Of note, the initiative proposes the following investments:

    •  HRSA:
      • $68 million in SPRANS funding to provide additional resources to the State Maternal Health Innovation Grants (+ $30 million for a total of $53 million) and the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (+ $10 million for a total of $15 million)

      • $12 million for the Rural Maternity and Obstetrics Management Strategies program

    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

      • $70 million for the Safe Motherhood funding line, including a $12 million proposed increase to support CDC's work to build the capacity of maternal mortality review committees in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

AMCHP will urge Congress to reject the proposed cuts to MCH programs, highlight the Trump Administration's prioritization of improving maternal health, and propose funding for the MCH Block Grant at a minimum of $715 million,  so that AMCHP may continue fulfilling its core mission of enabling states to adequately address the most pressing needs of women and children, including children with special health care needs and their families.  

For additional details on the President's FY 2021 budget proposal, access the  HRSA and CDC congressional justifications.

AMCHP National MCH Policy Calls & Get Ready to Hit the Hill 

Get up to date on the federal MCH policy. The next event in the All-Member National MCH Policy Call series will take place on March 6, 2020, 2-3 p.m., ET. Register here. 

In addition to our standard policy updates, the March 6 Policy Call will feature a training on conducting meetings with your federal representatives and their staff on Capitol Hill. The training is in preparation for AMCHP’s upcoming Hill Day on Tuesday, March 24 from 1:30 p.m.- 5 p.m. To indicate your interest in participating in Hill Day, remember to check the Capitol Hill visits box on your AMCHP Annual Conference registration form or simply complete this Google Form.

Board Corner

Vote for Board of Directors

The 2020 AMCHP Board of Directors election began on Feb. 5, 2020, and will conclude at 5 p.m., ET, on March 16, 2020. Candidate profiles from the open call for nominations are posted on this link; see their responses to the questionnaire as background information for voting. Please check your email (as well as the spam folder). All voting delegates received a SurveyMonkey link via email on Feb. 5 to cast their votes electronically. If you have not received an email or have any problems with voting, please contact Nikeisha Ogletree, Associate Director, Human Resources and Administration.   Voting for the next cohort of AMCHP leadership is a key benefit of AMCHP membership. Please exercise your important right to vote.

Get Involved

The 2020 Census: Count All Kids

Get involved with your state or local Complete Count Committee (CCC) – a key program to drive Census awareness and participation. More than 10 percent of all children younger than age 5 were not counted in the 2010 census. Thus, it is critical that we ensure an accurate count of young children in 2020 so that federal programs receive appropriate funding. Find your local or state committee here.

Learn more about the importance of an accurate count and its impact on children: Young Children and the 2020 Census – a presentation on the January AMCHP all-member policy call by Deborah Weinstein, Executive Director of the Coalition on Human Needs.

Register to Attend the 2020 Preparedness Summit in Dallas

Registration is now open for the 2020 Preparedness Summit, to be held March 31-April 3, 2020, in Dallas. The theme, Fixing Our Fault Lines: Addressing Systemic Vulnerabilities, will focus on methods to identify systemic weaknesses and highlight tools and policies that can empower all communities, and particularly the ones that are most vulnerable, to address those weaknesses and become more resilient. 

Register to Attend the 7th Annual Conference on Adolescent Health in Detroit – Now a Two Full Days Event!

The Adolescent Health Initiative (AHI) has announced that registration for the 2020 Conference on Adolescent Health is officially open. Join more than 400 adolescent health professionals across the country on April 20-21, 2020 in Detroit for dynamic breakout sessions, poster sessions, youth-led sessions, and networking events. The conference is designed for physicians, nurses, social workers, dieticians, public health professionals, and others who work with adolescents in a health care capacity. In addition, the AHI call for nominations for the Excellence in Adolescent Health Award is now open. View the agenda, register, learn about sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities, and/or nominate a colleague or yourself for the excellence award by clicking here.

Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality

HRSA is seeking nominations for qualified candidates to serve as members of the Advisory Committee on Infant Mortality (ACIM). Learn more about the ACIM Nomination and Application process.

Submit all nomination packages electronically as an email attachment to David de la Cruz, the ACIM’s Designated Federal Officer at Learn more about the ACIM Nomination and Application process.


RECORDING AVAILABLE: " Creating Healthy Schools Through State Policy" (presented by Child Trends)

Held on Jan. 20, 2020
Creating Healthy Schools Through State Policy initiative is a six-month pilot initiative running from January to June 2020, which evolved from the need to engage state leaders on healthy schools' policy. The initiative helps states improve student outcomes, such as chronic absenteeism, by strengthening health and mental health services in schools; improving physical activity and nutrition supports; improving connections between schools, communities, and families; and creating supportive climates for learning. Click here for a recording of this webinar.

Improving Adolescent Health in Your Community: How the Adolescent Health Initiative Can Help You Meet Your Goals

Adolescent Health Initiative
February 28, 2020, 12 p.m., ET
This webinar provides information on the variety of training and support AHI provides on adolescent-focused topic areas. Join state adolescent health coordinators, providers, health professionals, health center manager, and youth-serving professionals. AHI offers support and training on several topics, including how to create or improve adolescent-centered health care environments; engage youth in assessing youth-friendliness of health centers; strengthening referrals and linkages to youth-friendly services; sustaining and engaging a thriving youth advisory council; providing confidential care for minors; integrating culturally responsive care; delivering LGBTQ+ inclusive care; improving quality measures for health screenings; implementing comprehensive risk screenings; enhancing school-based health services and partnerships; improving adolescent sexual health services; and identifying adolescent victims of human trafficking. Register here.

Sharing Your Achievements in MCH: An Overview of AMCHP's Best Practices Submission Process

Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs
March 2, 2020, 3-4 p.m., ET
Do you have a program or practice that is working well in your state, territory, or community? Submit it to AMCHP's Innovation Station and share your success with the MCH field. Each year, AMCHP reviews submissions from across the United States and designates accepted practices as Cutting-Edge, Emerging, Promising, or Best Practices. Accepted practices are showcased on our online Innovation Station Database to advance MCH practice and contribute to the evidence base. This webinar will provide a brief overview of the Innovation Station Database as well as discuss the benefits of submitting your programs and practices. The webinar also will discuss the process of submitting practices along with tips and tricks for completing your submission. Register for the webinar here. For more information, contact Lynda Krisowaty.

Young Adult Health: What Makes Them Unique? (First in webinar series)

The Adolescent & Young Adult Health National Resource Center
March 11, 2-3:00 p.m., ET 
Registration details coming soon!

Publications and Resources

Child & Adolescent Health

The Adolescent & Young Adult Health National Resource Center is excited to share a newly released resource, Improving Young Adult Health: State & Local Strategies for Success. This guide outlines five key strategies to improve young adult health in your state. It is based on a review of young adult (YA) health policies and programs across all 59 states and territories as well as on interviews with Title V leadership in states that have adopted a YA measure. The guide provides real-world examples and lessons learned from states that have implemented young adult health activities. The Adolescent & Young Adult Health National Resource Center will also launch a webinar series this spring focused on young adult health. (See "webinar" section above for information on the first webinar in the series.)

Check out the #ScreenToInterveneForAYAs: Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Behavioral Health Blog!

The #ScreenToInterveneForAYAs blog has published several new posts in a series highlighting the state-level efforts of various Maternal and Child Health programs toward improving the rates of depression screening with an appropriate follow-up plan among AYAs.  Check out the latest post in the series, to learn how the Wisconsin team is leveraging their state's Child Psychiatry Consultation Program to support primary care physicians in caring for their AYA patients' emotional well-being.  Sign up here to receive updates from the #ScreenToInterveneForAYAs blog. To write a guest blog post or if you have any questions, please contact Anna Corona.

New PRAMS Data Are Available to Researchers by Request 

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) State-level 2018 Data. PRAMS provides data on maternal attitudes, experiences and behaviors around the time of pregnancy. PRAMS is currently funded in 50 sites and covers about 83 percent of all live births in the United States, including 47 states, New York City, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico. Learn more.


NOW OPEN: United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) National Breastfeeding Conference & Convening Call for Proposals and Awardees

This year's National Breastfeeding Conference & Convening will take place June 12-13, 2020 in Scottsdale, Ariz. The call for submitting a proposal to present a poster, table topic discussion, or breakout session is open!  

Review the Call for Proposals Guidelines before you begin your application. To facilitate a smooth application process,  the USBC team created a quick submission process tutorial. If you need further guidance, contact the team. Submit your proposal here

Opportunity to Apply for Awards
In addition, USBC is pleased to invite eligible and interested maternal and child health grassroots workers to apply for three awards:

You only need to apply once, to be considered for whichever award might be relevant to you.  Information about the Awards and Provisions is available hereSubmission deadline for both proposals and awards: Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

NEW: Twitter Chat on Impacts of Rural Health Among Adolescents

On Feb. 26, 2020, from 1-2:00 p.m., ET, join AHI, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest and Great Hawaiian Islands, and Teen Health Mississippi, as we ask Twitter to discuss the impacts of rural health among adolescents. Whether you are an expert or looking for tips and tricks, follow along with the hashtag #AHIChats and #AHI2020. To access the questions before the Twitter Chat, contact us here

Innovation Station

February is National Children's Dental Health Month

Starting at an early age, it is important to develop good oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly. This is the surefire way to keeping a healthy smile. This month, AMCHP highlights three Innovation Station practices addressing oral health. Click here to read more.

On Your Behalf

AMCHP 2019-2020 Fiscal Year Membership Dues 

AMCHP memberships are vital for individuals, organizations, state, and territorial programs with an interest in maternal and child health. Membership due notices have been distributed for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. If you have not yet had the chance to submit payment for your dues, click here for payment options.

AMCHP Spreads Awareness on Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

AMCHP staff participated in Wear Orange Day on Feb. 11 to spread awareness of the critical issue of teen dating violence. Learn more about teen dating violence, healthy relationships, and resources you can share with public health professionals, families, adults who work with youth, and young people themselves at loveisrespectBreak the Cycle, and One Love.

TDVAM staff.jpg


American Heart Month
Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month


AMCHP 2020 Annual Conference
March 21-24
Crystal City, Va. 

2020 Preparedness Summit in Dallas
March 31-April 3
Dallas, Tx.