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Title V Technical Assistance Meeting

 July/August 2016 - The Quality Improvement Issue

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​View the whole PDF of this issue here.


​​​​From the President

​​​​Stephanie pulled up to her son’s school just in time for recess, so she decided to simply watch for a while. Alec never saw his mom, because she stayed in the car, watching and crying. For the entire recess period, Alec walked the perimeter of the playground. No one played, laughed, skipped or clapped with him. He did not appear to be unhappy – he was just alone. He was not being bullied – he was just isolated. He wasn’t bothering anyone – he was just disengaged. Simply put, he was not included. Period.​​​ [More​]

From the CEO

Quality improvement is one of those concepts that we’ve all been exposed to throughout our lives but sometimes never recognized. As a young mother-to-be, I remember learning of our pregnancy and immediately launching into a very personal QI effort to be the healthiest I could be while carrying our twin children. I solicited the support of my husband, Dan (aka “leadership”)... [More​]

​​​A View from Washington

I agree with Eleanor Roosevelt’s maxim, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness,” and I have tried to use that to guide my work. It has helped me not only survive, but thrive over nearly two decades working in Washington, District of Columbia However, the failure of Congress to act in any meaningful way to address the Zika virus emergency​... [More​​]​


Finding the Root Cause to Improve Timeliness in Newborn Screening

n June 2016, NewSTEPs 360 – in partnership with the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Foundation – convened NBS program staff (laboratory and follow-up) and clinicians to identify barriers and solutions to assure timely newborn screening for cystic fibrosis. Participants received training on the 5 Whys approach, conducting root cause analyses and applying this methodology within their multidisciplinary teams​. [More​]

Changing Systems One Quality Improvement Tool at a Time

Every day, systems surround and impact the health of women, children and youth, including children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and their families. Often we are so conditioned to how the system operates that we lose the ability to view it with a critical eye. Quality improvement (QI) methods and tools provide a lens from which to view and transform systems. ​[More​]

Quality Improvement Resources for Public Health and Title V

Taking on quality improvement (QI) projects can feel intimidating due to all of the tools, methods and skills there are to learn. However, a host of QI resources and training opportunities are geared toward state and local public health departments​... [More​]

Real-Life Success Story: Wins in New Mexico

...Fast forward to 2015, when New Mexico was one of five states selected to participate in the Adolescent and Young Adult Health (AYAH) CoIIN, funded by the U.S. Maternal and Child Health Bureau and supported through the ​AYAH National Resource Center. In its approach to improve access to and quality of preventive services, the New Mexico team sought to scale the QI process that improved its SBHCs to other clinical settings in outlying communities. [More​]

Insights on Public Health Accreditation

Having recently been awarded accreditation status by the Public Health Accreditation Board, what would you want to share with another MCH or CYSHCN program going through the process? How will your program benefit from accreditation?​ [More​]

AMCHP's Internal Quality Improvement Efforts

AMCHP, like many of its members, is on its own quality improvement (QI) journey. Over the past three years, we have taken steps to increase our capacity to perform internal QI projects, offer external QI technical assistance and create a culture of continuous quality improvement (CQI) within our organization. CQI is a process​... [More​

Parent Partners in Quality Improvement

Two parent partners share their experiences as Medical Home Parent Partners and demonstrate the value of including parents in these projects. Dianna Speir works in a smaller rural practice and Shannon Svikhart works in two larger urban practices.​​ [More​]

​Applying Quality Improvement Measurement to Population Health Initiatives

 ...I have good news: the same principles apply; they just require minor adaptations, mostly in the number of measures needed and the related feasibility issues. At the beginning of any improvement initiative, it is critical for leaders of the initiative team to set measurable goals that address the question, “What are we trying to accomplish?” ​[More]

An Epidemiological Focus on Quality Improvement 

Although QI activities have been occurring within the bureau for a number of years, the BFH created a Quality Improvement Coordinating Team (QICT) as the first step of many in formalizing QI. The QICT used many tools to introduce and demystify the principles of QI...​ [More]

Application of Quality Improvement in Alaska's Medicaid Enrollment Process

While much has been written about the benefits of QI in microsystems (i.e., within one clinic, one health department or one hospital department), less is known about how QI can change health care delivery at the macrosystem, policy level. ​[More​]

Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Networks – MCH Landscape​

Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Networks (CoIINs) ​are teams of federal, state and local leaders working together to tackle a common problem by applying quality improvement methods (e.g., Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles) and engaging in collaborative learning. [More​]


​​Engaging Families: A Challenge that Must be Met

Engaging families in Title V programs is more important  than ever – which is why AMCHP just published a survey and series of case studies about family engagement in those programs. The Title V Block Grant now requires programs to document family and consumer participation, which are key...​​ [More​]​

Member to Member​

We asked members: how does your state incorporate family and consumer engagement into your quality improvement efforts?​ [M​​ore​]

​​Who's New

See who's new at AMCHP and in the larger MCH field!​​ [More​]

Data and Trends

Intern Lauren Barrison created an infographic on ​Data, Surveillance and Action for Pregnancy in the US in response to the Zika virus. See it here​

Staff/Board of Directors

​Learn who's on your AMCHP staff and elected Board of Directors. [More]