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Title V Technical Assistance Meeting

 AMCHP Staff and Board of Directors

​​Board of Directors

​President (2016-2017)
Eileen Forlenza

President-Elect (2016-2017)
Michael D. Warren MD, MPH, FAAP

Past President (2016-2017)
Sam B. Cooper III, LMSW-IPR

Secretary (2016-2018)
Susan Colburn

Treasurer (2016-2018)
Valerie J. Ricker, MSN, MS

Region I (2016-2019)
Karin Downs, RN, MPH

Region II (Interim 2015-2017)
Marilyn Kacica, MD, MPH
New York

Region III (Interim 2015-2017)
Mary Frances Kornak, MPH
Washington, DC

Region IV (2015-2018)

Region V (Interim 2016-2018)
Shirley Payne, MPH

Region VI (2016-2019)
Susan Chacon, MSW, LISW
New Mexico

Region VII (Interim 2015-2017)
Heather Smith, MPH

Region VIII (2015-2018)
Linda McElwain, RN

Region IX (2016-2019)
Mary Ellen Cunningham, MPA

Region X (2016-2019)
Cate Wilcox, MPH

Director-at-Large (2015-2018)
Rodney Farley​

Donna M. Johnson

Family Representative (2015-2018)
Donna Macan Yadrich, MPA, CCRP

Interim Family Representative (2016-2017)
Gina Pola-Money, A.S. Social Sciences, Mo.M.


​​Patrick Boyle, Associate Director, Communications and Membership

​Karissa Charles, Membership Associate

Atyya Chaudhry, Policy Analyst, Health Reform Implementation

Cheryl Clark, Associate Director, Epidemiology and Evaluation

Stacy Collins, Associate Director, Health Reform Implementation

Linnard Corbin, Accounting/Office Assistant 

Andria Cornell, Senior Program Manager, Women’s Health

Emily Eckert, Program Associate, Health Reform Implementation

Michelle Eglovitch, Program Associate, Women’s and Infant Health

Kidist Endale, Accounting Associate

Brent Ewig, MHS, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs

Jennifer Farfalla, Analyst for Quality Improvement and Life Course, Women’s and Infant Health

Lori Tremmel Freeman, Chief Executive Officer

Cori Floyd, Program Associate, Child and Adolescent Health

Krista Granger, Program Manager, Data and Assessment

Amy Haddad, Associate Director, Government Affairs

Alexandra Harris, Program Associate, Epidemiology and Evaluation

Michelle Jarvis, Specialist, Family Engagement and Leadership Development​

Ki’Yonna Jones, Senior Program Manager, Workforce and Leadership Development

Jeanette Kowalik, Associate Director, Women’s and Infant Health

Nora Lam, Senior Executive Assistant and Board Administrator

Sarah Beth McLellan, Senior Program Manager, CYSHCN

Christina Ratleff, Senior Program Manager, Women’s and Infant Health

Caroline Stampfel, Director of Programs

Kate Taft, Senior Program Manager, CYSHCN 

Kristen Taylor, Communications Associate

Wendy Wen, Associate Director, Finance and Accounting

Iliana White, Senior Program Manager, Adolescent Health

​Elliane Yashar, Program Analyst, Child and Adolescent Health​