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Title V Technical Assistance Meeting

 Workforce and Leadership Development: Building upon Family Engagement and Best Practices

By The AMCHP Workforce and Leadership Development Team and Data Assessment Team
(Sharron Corle, Michelle Jarvis, Ki'Yonna Jones, and Jessica Teel)

Leadership Lab:

In October, AMCHP launched our new leadership development program: the Leadership Lab. The Leadership Lab (Lab) seeks to build the leadership capacity of multiple levels of Title V staff: family leaders, epidemiologists, directors and next generation leaders. The Lab requires a 10-month commitment by participants from December 2015 through September 2016.  Participants are matched with a mentor/peer and charged with crafting an individual development plan, completing self-directed learning modules, participating in quarterly webinars, and peer-to-peer calls (activities vary based on preference of each cohort). One of the most important aspects of the Leadership Lab is that the model will give each cohort the benefit of an individualized track to meet their unique needs, while also providing integrated learning opportunities with all cohorts for more holistic leadership development. The cohorts have been selected and participated in an orientation in December.   This year's leadership lab has participants from 9 out of the 10 regions.  As we look into the year ahead, the cohorts will have quarterly virtual trainings and then additional trainings determined within each specific cohort. The program concludes in September.

Family Engagement:

AMCHP has re-designed our family engagement web page into an expanded web portal for family engagement. The web portal, which was designed based on requests, review and feedback from family leaders and Title V staff, includes new tabs for important information on: Family Leadership (which will contain information about AMCHP's Leadership Lab and other information related to leadership development), Family Delegates (which will contain information about the role of the Family Delegates), State Information (which will contain state specific information including state profile on family organizations) and Tools and Resources (which will contain link and uploads of a variety of tools and resources both for family leaders and related to engaging families). We solicited input from our members for the content. The solicitation occurred during November and December and was emailed to our family leaders, posted on the main landing page of the AMCHP website, and sent out in Member Briefs. The new portal will officially launch in February 2016 and new material will be added throughout the coming year.

With support from the Lucile Packard Foundation and MCHB, AMCHP launched a Title V family engagement survey in November 2014. The survey, which included an MCH and CYSHCN version, was designed to identify barriers, best practices, and roles of family leaders within Title V programs. AMCHP has developed survey reports and case studies as part of a web-based tool kit based on some of the results of the survey. These will be posted on the AMCHP family engagement web portal.

Best Practices:

Looking back, AMCHP and the Best Practices Committee launched a new category to the Best Practices Continuum called "Cutting Edge". This category addresses innovations that take place in rapidly changing environments and are considered emerging innovations of existing or new methods and practices. Specifically, it must provide an innovative approach to an evolving public health issue; align with experiential evidence inside or outside of public health; show early signs of promise or success; and it must have an evaluation or quality improvement plan in development. AMCHP presently has four Cutting Edge practices in Innovation Station. The Best Practices Committee also voted on the top programs received in 2015 to be presented at the 2016 AMCHP conference. The recipients are Parents as Detailers (GA) - Emerging, MotherWoman® (MA) - Promising, Family Foundations (PA) - Best Practice. Along with soliciting innovative practices, AMCHP illustrated our commitment to the replication of evidence-based practices through the Request for Applications for Best Practice Replication released in August. Minnesota and Washington State were the recipients for this project and both states are replicating New Jersey's Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) Parent Leadership Development Program. Lastly, with the assistance of the Best Practices Committee and broader membership, AMCHP re-imagined Innovation Station and added new features and search functions. Users are able to search for a practice, submit a practice, refer a practice or request technical assistance directly online. New resources, materials and links to national centers will be added throughout the coming year.  

Coffee Talk Series:

In 2015 AMCHP and the National MCH Workforce Development Center's Change Management Core kicked off a new Coffee Talk Series. The series consisted of four archived 20 minute videos for AMCHP members to access bi-monthly at their leisure.  During the alternating months, AMCHP hosted a Twitter chat on the content shared during the preceding month's archived video using the hashtag #WDCoffeeTLK to participate in the Twitter Chat. The topics of this year's series include the following.


  • Coffee Talk 1:  Title V Transformation
  • Coffee Talk 2:  Getting to the Table
  • Coffee Talk 3:  Leading Change
  • Coffee Talk 4:  Managing Change

Members enjoyed participating in this series and sharing dialogue on the different topic areas via Twitter.  In 2016 AMCHP and the National MCH Workforce Development Center's Change Management Core will continue the series and focus on mindfulness in leadership.  Details will be released in Late February for this series. If you missed out on this year's series you can access the archives on Transformation Station.

MCH Workforce Development Center.jpg 


Looking back,

The National MCH Workforce Development Center at UNC Chapel Hill continued collaboration with AMCHP within a family engagement workgroup. The products of the group over the past year include launching Family Leader Action Learning Sets with 30 (5 groups of 5 with an additional group leader) family leaders at the AMCHP 2015 Annual Conference, creating a family leader portal on Transformation Station:, developing a three part series on Adaptive Leadership (in partnership with the change management core) which includes two virtual webinars to take place in July and November and an in-person workshop at AMCHP 2016 Annual Conference, a Facebook group for family leaders on the AMCHP Facebook page as a group under the AMCHP Facebook page: Family Leader Champions for Title V, and disseminating the RFA for the Population Health Symposium to family leaders (5 participants identified themselves as family leaders)


As the Center looks ahead,

The family engagement work group's goals for the year ahead include having tools and resources relevant to family leaders added to Transformation Station and AMCHP's family engagement web portal, discovering if a SharePoint site would be helpful and used by AMCHP Family Delegates, ideas and opportunities to leverage health care/reform information will be explored, current materials/tools/resources on health care will be made available more broadly for family leaders, and there will be a multi-pronged dissemination strategy to promote materials, tools and resources.