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 Member to Member

We asked members what they were doing to address bullying.


The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) maintains a youth-focused bullying prevention project. Currently 16 elementary schools within three Virginia school districts are entering year two of the three year implementation and evaluation of the evidence-based Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

olweusngroup.jpgVDH has successfully expanded its collaboration with the Virginia Departments of Criminal Justice Services and Education from a statewide conference discussing the difference between bullying and sexual harassment and how to manage each appropriately in schools into online interactive learning modules on bullying prevention to assist school divisions in satisfying legislative requirements to provide bullying prevention education to all school personnel. This Web-based education may be accessed by stakeholders and other constituents across the Commonwealth to obtain best practice strategies for bullying prevention on the following:

  1. Defining bullying and contrasting it with other forms of aggression
  2. Preventing bullying through effective policy implementation
  3. Intervening effectively when bullying occurs
  4. Reporting, investigating and recording bullying incidents
  5. Distinguishing between bullying and sexual harassment

VDH also began working with experts in the field to promote the use of, a free online resource promoting best practices in bullying prevention. Efforts include the development of a collaborative to include certified Olweus Bullying Prevention trainers and community stakeholders to explore the development of a curriculum focused on accessing these resources and implementing research based strategies.