From the President

2014: The Year of MCH (Masterfully Cultivating Hope)

By Millie Jones, MPH

I recently saw an inspiring TV feature about a principal and a message of hope for “turning her school around.” Linda Cliatt Wayman, principal at Strawberry Mansion High School in Philadelphia talked about the critical message of hope that she operationalizes on behalf of all of her students: “when children have hope they can succeed.”

Since returning from our 2014 AMCHP conference I have not been able to get that message out of my head. I left the AMCHP conference with so much hope in realizing that Ms. Wyman’s message translates beyond children, to all of us and to our world. If we have hope we can succeed.

During the conference I experienced so many examples of hope and hopefulness. The inspiring and uplifting 2014 AMCHP conference served as a reinforcer of the message of hope for our nation’s women, children, youth, including those with special needs, and their families. We have a future of hope.

  • Title V has a future and AMCHP has been part of framing that future. We had an incredible dialogue with Dr Lu and his staff about the transformation and future of Title V. There is an ongoing commitment to a strong future for Title V MCH and we will continue to masterfully construct hope as the transformation of Title V moves forward.
  • We have a hope of future funding. In the recent omnibus appropriation bill, Title V is actually UP $30 million from where we were in FY 2013 post-sequester, from $604 in 2013 to $634 million for 2014!
  • In developing the timeline to recruit and hire a new CEO we had hoped to announce a new CEO at our 2014 conference. At our opening session, it was my pleasure to announce Lori Tremmel Freemanas the new AMCHP CEO.
  • There was record attendance at the AMCHP 2014 Annual Conference. Our conference is succeeding as a vital part of continuing education and networking for those of us in the maternal child health field. Talk about hope.

So yes, as I go forward in the year of 2014, I go forward in the spirit of hope. Hope that we will be sustained personally and professionally to continue our work and passion for MCH, all the while, Masterfully Cultivating Hope.