AMCHP Best Practices

Look Back

The AMCHP program team continues to be a resource for what is working in MCH and to share lessons learned and promising practices with our members. Over the past year, AMCHP has expanded the number of peer-reviewed practices in the Innovation Station database. Four especially innovative practices were highlighted at the 2013 conference with awards – Arizona’s Empower Program, Kentucky’s Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait Community Program, Minnesota’s Superior Babies Program and Washington’s Parent Child Assistance Program. AMCHP also presented awards and hosted a workshop on evidence-based programming at the 2014 conference. AMCHP continued efforts to increase submissions through a targeted marketing campaign (via publications, social media, listservs, regional calls, partner meetings, etc.) that focused on monthly topics and through focused outreach by AMCHP staff.

This past year, the program also expanded beyond sharing practices to helping states replicate promising MCH practices. Two states received funding through the best practices replication technical assistance project to replicate Innovation Station practices focused on improving care and transition for CYSHCN – Iowa to adapt the Florida CMS-CSHCN Youth and Young Adult Transition materials and Montana to replicate the Rhode Island Pediatric Practice Enhancement Project. Both projects were very successful and the experiences and lessons learned were highlighted in the May/June issue of Pulse.

Look Ahead

Over the next year, AMCHP will provide technical assistance to and facilitate connections with the states that received the second round of funding for the best practices replication project – New York and Kentucky will be replicating Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait and Montana will replicate the provider champion element of the Every Child Succeeds Home Visitation Program. AMCHP will explore ways to disseminate the successes and lessons learned to the broader MCH community. AMCHP also will continue to expand on opportunities to increase the use of its best practices program as a resource and promote the value of being included in Innovation Station. AMCHP will continue targeted outreach to increase submissions and provide resources and assistance through the submission process.