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 New Training Resources on Empower Local Community Members to Take Action

By Erin Reiney, MPH, CHES
Director, Injury & Violence Prevention, Division of Child, Adolescent and Family Health, MCHB

As many Pulse readers are aware, HRSA/MCHB has been involved in bullying prevention for more than a decade. During that time, my colleagues and I have met no shortage of individuals who are eager to stop bullying at the community level. The problem is that many do not have the resources they need to carry out prevention efforts and sustain them over time.

In 2009, HRSA/MCHB joined forces with eight other federal agencies to launch, a website with research and recommendations about what bullying is, who is at risk and how to prevent it. Our hope was that all the stakeholders we have connected with over the years – from parents and teachers to students and public health officials – would now have tools to advance the integration of best practices in prevention on the local level.

In 2012, we developed the following free online resources in English and Spanish to help community members plan a training or town hall event:

  1. Training Module PowerPoint – a slide presentation that includes bullying prevention key findings and best practices
  2. Training Module with Speaker Notes – an amended presentation with suggested talking points to empower participants to download and deliver the training to their colleagues
  3. Community Action Toolkit – a step-by-step guide for organizing a town hall event, with a template event agenda, action planning matrix and feedback forms
  4. Misdirections Video – a six-minute video featuring Dr. Catherine Bradshaw, a bullying prevention researcher, discussing approaches to avoid in bullying prevention and response
  5. Misdirections Tip Sheet – a three-page handout to accompany the Misdirections video and provide further research on five common but ineffective strategies to address bullying

To participate in the training, you can either download the full module for a self-paced learning experience, or you can watch the archived webinar Moving from Awareness to Action in Bullying Prevention: Training Resources for the Field on No matter how you choose to access the materials, please use the indicated Feedback Form link to let us know what you thought!

Later this spring, we will further expand our efforts and launch a Tumblr page for teens. For more information or updates on this work, please visit, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.