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2012 – AMCHP Publications and Webinars


Data-Driven Decisions: Using Surveillance Data to Inform Infant Safe Sleep Programs (February 2012)

The Affordable Care Act and Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Disabilities (May 2012)

Women's Health Prevention Brief The Built Environment (May 2012)

Budget Sequestration: What It Means for the Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant and MCH Funding (May 2012)

Forging a Comprehensive Initiative to Improve Birth Outcomes and Reduce Infant Mortality: Policy and Program Options for State Planning (June 2012)

Fact Sheet: Health Reform: What is in it to Promote Breastfeeding? (July 2012)


American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Fetus and Newborns: Levels of Neonatal Care (December 2012)

Strategies for Increasing Father Involvement (September 2012)

Pregnancy in the Context of a Woman's Lifespan (September 2012)

Continuing the Conversation: The Affordable Care Act after the Supreme Court Ruling (July 2012)

Supreme Court Ruling on the Affordable Care Act Ruling (July 2012)

Improving Birth Outcomes in the U.S.: State Efforts to Reduce Prematurity (July 2012)

Using Evidence to Inform Efforts to Confront Childhood Obesity (July 2012)

Emergency Preparedness and MCH: A guide to the Reproductive Health Assessment after Disaster (RHAD) Toolkit (June 2012)

Using Evidence to Inform Preconception Health Initiatives (April 2012)

Newborn Screening Recommendations for Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD): Implications for State Programs (March 2012)

Roles for State Title V Programs in Building Systems of Care for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (February 2012)

MCH Navigator: Introduction to an Online Learning Portal (January 2012)