The Life Course Metrics Project

As MCH programs begin to develop programming guided by a life course framework, measures are needed to determine the success of their approaches. Currently, there are no standardized metrics for the life course approach. In response to this emerging issue, AMCHP launched a new project designed to identify and promote a set of indicators that can be used to measure progress using the life course approach to improve maternal and child health. This project is funded with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

This project will take a two-pronged approach to identifying life course metrics. The project will be modeled after the development of the Core State Preconception Health Indicators. First, a national expert panel will be brought together, as well as state working groups, to begin shaping the ideas and discussion. Second, comment and input on the suggested life course indicators will be invited from a variety of stakeholders and partner organizations.

AMCHP put out a call for state team applications on May 1. Applications were due Jun. 1 and state teams will be announced by Jun. 22. A proposed set of Life Course Indicators will be shared in early summer of 2013. We look forward to keeping you up to date on this project!

For more information, please visit the Life Course Metrics Project website.