AMCHP Assessment of State Life Course Resources and Tools

By Kate Howe, MPH
Program Manager, Child Health, AMCHP

As state Title V programs are increasingly integrating the concepts of the Life Course Perspective into MCH work, the AMCHP Emerging Issues Committee (EIC) conducted an assessment of the resources and tools that states have developed to get this accomplished. The goal of the assessment was to help foster the sharing and development of ideas to support the application of life course into Title V programs.

The AMCHP EIC provides a forum to assess the impact of new, important challenges and opportunities for state Title V leadership and determine ways that state Title V agencies may want to address such issues. Throughout the fall of 2011, the EIC held dialogue on the life course perspective and what role AMCHP (through the committee) should have in supporting state efforts. The committee identified a need to develop a central resource tailored to the needs of state programs that could collect and share tools and resources specific to state Title V programs. Thus, the committee developed a short assessment of state Title V programs, which was fielded in January. The online survey was sent to Title V/MCH and children and youth with special health care needs (CYSCHN) directors via e-mail, and information provided by states helped AMCHP develop a life course Web page to collect and disseminate resources and tools (see “AMCHP State Life Course Resource Center Launched”). The survey has since been included in Member Briefs and is still open online.

A brief summary of the results so far include:

  • 23 states and territories have responded
  • 17 percent said their Title V program has adopted a common definition of life course and/or language about life course
  • 19 respondents said their program has developed tools, resources or strategies to integrate life course  into their work, including:
    • Educational resources (42 percent)
    • Data and assessment measures (42 percent)
    • Strategic plans to incorporate life course (26 percent)
    • Incorporated life course into existing or new strategic plans (42 percent)
    • Personnel resources (11 percent)
    • Strategies for aligning funding for the design, implementation and evaluation of life course related activities (21 percent)
  • 43 percent are partnering with academic institutions or other entities on this work
  • 42 percent were willing to share their resources with AMCHP to disseminate to other states

See Data and Trends in this issue for more results from our State Life Course Resources and Tools Assessment.

The resources states have already shared with AMCHP have been posted on the Life Course Resource Center. AMCHP will continue to follow up with states to solicit tools and resources that can be shared. AMCHP will also look to engage the EIC in the development of resources as appropriate and for continued feedback on survey results and core themes. If you would like to share input from your program, please click here to take the survey. If you have resources to contribute or questions about this assessment, please contact Kate Howe.