Matt Algee, Senior Accountant

Julio Arguello, Jr., Program Manager, Online Media and Information Technology

Erin Bonzon, MSPH/MSW, Associate Director, Women’s and Infant Health

Treeby Brown, MPP, Senior Program Manager, Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs

Tegan Callahan, MPH, CDC Public Health Prevention Specialist, Women’s and Infant Health

Tania Carroll, Office Assistant

Melody Cherny, Program Associate, Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs

Sharron Corle, MS, Associate Director, Adolescent Health

Kidist Endale, Accounting/Human Resources Assistant

Librada Estrada, MPH, CHES, CPCC, Associate Director, Workforce & Leadership Development, Family Involvement

Brent Ewig, MHS, Director of Public Policy & Government Affairs

Michael R. Fraser, PhD, CAE, Chief Executive Officer

Alma Gomez, Administrative Assistant, Program and Policy

Laura Goodwin, Publications and Member Services Manager

Piia Hanson, MSPH, Program Manager, Women’s and Infant Health

Beth Harris, Development Director

Jessica Hawkins, MPH, CHES, Senior Program Manager, Women’s and Infant Health

Adriana Houk, Associate Director, Organizational Performance and Membership

Kate Howe, MPH, Program Manager, Child Health

Michelle Jarvis, Program Manager, Family Involvement

Nora Lam, Executive Assistant 

Carolyn McCoy, MPH, Senior Policy Manager, Government Affairs

Carolyn D. Mullen, MS Associate Director, Government Affairs

Lauren Raskin Ramos, MPH, Director of Programs

Caroline Stampfel, MPH, Senior Epidemiologist, Women’s and Infant Health

Maritza Valenzuela, MPH, CHES, Program Manager, Adolescent Health

Karen VanLandeghem, MPH, Senior Advisor, National Center for Health Reform Implementation