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 January/February 2012

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By Stephanie Birch, RNC, MPH, MS, FNP

I am always excited to start a new year. For me, it speaks to the opportunity to try things new or revisit the old. 2011 was quite a year as states’ adjusted to massive spending cuts, reorganization of health departments or MCH programs, and the implementation of several new programs, such as the maternal, infant and early child home visiting program. It was a busy year for the AMCHP staff as well. [more]


Looking Forward, Looking Back

By Mike R. Fraser, PhD CAE

Happy New Year! This issue of Pulse is one of my favorites to put together each year. It captures all that we have done in 2011 to move state maternal and child health (MCH) programs forward -- and we have done a great deal -- and it also lays out some of the things that we anticipate facing in 2012. This issue is presented with a great sense of pride in all that AMCHP accomplished in 2011, and a cautious optimism about 2012 despite all the challenges we know we will face this year. [more]


The Year in Title V MCH Policy -- Looking Back (At Bullets We Largely Dodged) and Looking Forward (To Living in the Era of Tightening Budget Caps)

By AMCHP Policy Staff (Brent Ewig, Carolyn Mullen & Karen VanLandeghem)

While AMCHP, along with our members and partners, worked to meet our strategic goal of effectively voice the critical importance of maternal and child health issues, this past year was marked by continued, and perhaps deepening, divisiveness here in Washington, D.C. In practical terms, this means that nothing gets done in Congress until the last moment -- and usually only then with maximum acrimony. This political posturing from both parties overshadows a year in which the number of people living in poverty and without health insurance reached record highs.

Against these stark determinants of MCH status, the year was also marked by intense budget battles and continued planning for both implementation and challenges to the Affordable Care Act. This column takes a look at highlights from the AMCHP work in both categories.[more]

A Look Back at AMCHP Programs in 2011

By Lauren Raskin Ramos, MPH , Director of Programs, AMCHP

With contributions from the AMCHP Program Team

2011 was another busy year for AMCHP staff working to support state Title V programs and advance the AMCHP strategic plan by providing resources, technical assistance, analysis and training to Title V programs. Throughout the year, AMCHP enhanced efforts to support state implementation of the life course perspective; supported peer-to-peer exchange among states to build systems of care for children and youth with autism and other developmental disabilities; provided ongoing capacity-building for state MCH epidemiology programs; supported state innovation in adolescent health; grew Innovation Station by collecting and disseminating best practices in MCH; and provided leadership development for new Title V directors and family leaders. Importantly, AMCHP also strengthened evaluation efforts across the organization supporting continuous quality improvement to ensure that our work is relevant and timely for state Title V programs. [more]

AMCHP Programs: A Look Ahead to 2012

By Lauren Raskin Ramos, MPH , Director of Programs, AMCHP

With contributions from the AMCHP Program Team

2012 is off to an exciting start for AMCHP programs, with many new efforts already underway! A preview of what you can expect in the coming months is highlighted below, including how each of our activities is working to support state Title V programs and advance the AMCHP strategic plan. Look for resources to support states to improve birth outcomes and reduce infant mortality; a Web-based resource for states to implement the life course perspective; assessment of effective models for maternal mortality reviews; technical assistance for state implementation of home visiting programs; enhanced efforts to support state preconception health; and new tools and resources to support state systems building in adolescent health, and autism and developmental disabilities. [more]


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New MCH Leaders

See a list of new MCH Leaders. [more]

AMCHP welcomes new staff. [more]


Training Course In Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology 
MCHB/CDC Training Course in MCH Epidemiology is part of an ongoing effort to enhance the analytic capacity of state and local health agencies. This program is aimed primarily at professionals in state and local health agencies who have significant responsibility for collecting, processing, analyzing and reporting MCH data. This year, the course is geared to individuals with intermediate to advanced skills in using statistical and epidemiologic methods, preferably in MCH or a related field. [more]

Save the Date! UIC MCH Retreat -- Leading in Challenges Times: Innovations & Inspiration 
This year’s retreat will focus on Leading in Challenging Times; however, this concept will be talked about ways that you may expect. Participants will share personal stories of their journey and work with women, men, children and families. AMCHP CEO Dr. Michael Fraser will lead this process. We also will explore and practice various leadership concepts including challenging the assumption that these are indeed challenging times. The leadership training will be facilitated by Dr. Stephen Bogdewic, PhD, Executive Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs & Professional Development at the Indiana University School of Medicine. The retreat will be held Jul. 22-24 at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, IL. [more]

Scholarships Available for Univ. of Arizona Graduate Certificate in MCH Epidemiology 
HRSA has full tuition scholarships for up to 15 participants in the Graduate Certificate Program in MCH Epidemiology at the University of Arizona. In addition to obtaining the certificate, credits from the program are transferable to graduate programs in public health. Deadline for 2012 intake is Mar. 1. [more]


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