AMCHP Awards Recognize Excellence in MCH Practice

A highlight of the AMCHP Conference is our chance to recognize MCH leaders. Please join AMCHP in sharing our congratulations with the following awardees at our 2011 Annual Conference.  

John C. MacQueen Lecture Award
For Innovation in the field of Maternal and Child Health

Awardee: Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, MPH, Founder and Director, The Center for Community Health & Well-Being Kathryn Hall-Trujillo

This annual lectureship is awarded to honor one of AMCHP’s most distinguished members, Dr. John C. MacQueen, the former director of the Iowa Child Health Specialty Clinics, the state’s program for Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN). A pediatric neurologist, Dr. MacQueen achieved success at state and national levels. As an administrator and clinician, advocate, innovator, and educator, Dr. MacQueen made his presence felt throughout the country through his tireless work on behalf of children with special health care needs. AMCHP takes special pride in those accomplishments that have advanced family health programs. They include 30 years as a CSHCN state director; leadership as vice-chair of the Congressional Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health; membership on the Advisory Panel on Technology and Child Health, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment; contributions to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau and to the Surgeon’s General workshops; and advocacy for Title V. Criteria for this awardee state that the awardee be a contributor to the field of MCH and an advocate on behalf of the MCH community. Their work must focus on or around the establishment and maintenance of healthy communities. Each year, the awardee is invited to deliver a dynamic and inspirational lecture at the Annual MacQueen Lecture Luncheon during the AMCHP Annual Conference. 


Vince Hutchins Leadership Award
For leadership in promoting a society responsive to the needs of women, children, youth and families

Awardee: Jennifer L. Howse, PhD, President, March of Dimes Jennifer L. Howse

In 1998, AMCHP launched what was then called the “AMCHP Leadership Award” to recognize outstanding individuals, living or deceased, whose work has contributed to significant societal changes that have resulted in improvements in the health of American families and their various members. The first honoree, former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, is exemplary of the stature of Leadership Award recipients. In 2001, AMCHP renamed the Leadership Award for Dr. Vince Hutchins, a beloved national leader and life-long advocate for children’s health. During fifteen years as director of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Dr. Hutchins expanded the federal government’s commitment to women, children, youth and families. He also led development of new initiatives for children and families such as the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition. The award is not routinely awarded annually. Nominations for the award must be received on or before October 31, and submitted directly to the Governance Committee. The Governance Committee will provide recommendations for consideration by the Board of Directors, at the fall council meeting held yearly in December. The Vince Hutchins Leadership Award will be granted only upon 90 percent approval by the full board. Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy was the recepient of the 2009 Hutchins Award. 

Legislative Champions for Maternal and Child Health Award
Recognizing the efforts of Members of Congress and their staffs to improve the health of mothers, children, and families including children and youth with special health care needs.

Awardees: Former U.S. Representative David Obey (D-Wisconsin’s 7th District) ; Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) Dave Obey

The purpose of the award is to recognize and celebrate the efforts of Members of Congress and their staff who improve the lives and health of mothers, children, and families, including those with special health care needs. Past award winners include Representatives Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Lucille Roybal-Allard and Senators Chris Dodd and Max Baucus. 

Rep. David Obey retired at the end of last Congress and has chaired or served as ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee for many years. He has been a reliable and consistent champion for a number of health and human service programs, and has championed legislation with proposed increases to the Title V MCH Block Grant in recent years.  

Sen. Tom Harkin is one of the most visible, vocal and consistent champions for public health in the U.S. Senate. He was the lead author of the Prevention and Public Health Fund included in the Affordable Care Act that will provide a mandatory appropriation totaling $15 billion over 10 years to support investments in proven, effective programs to prevent disease and injury. Additionally, Sen. Harkin included a proposed $11 million increase for Title V in the FY 2011 Labor HHS Appropriations bill this year. Receiving Legislative Staff Champions Awards are Jenelle Krishnamoorthy and Adrienne Hallett, two of Sen. Harkin’s key staff members.Tom Harkin







Honoring Family Leaders

In lieu of honoring one single individual for the Merle McPherson Family Leadership Award in 2011, AMCHP would like to recognize all family leaders for their efforts and hard work on behalf of women, children and families. Without their commitment and passion to improving systems of care, maternal and child health would not have advanced as much as it has over the last 75 years. We are honored to include families as partners in our work. Thank you for your dedication and all that you do! 

AMCHP’s Best Practices Awards 

Promising Practice: Illinois’ La Vida Sana, La Vida Feliz Program 

La Vida Sana, La Vida Feliz is a program designed to promote a healthy weight in Latinas facing weight loss barriers such as access to healthy foods, time, economic resources, family commitments and motivation. The program is based on a promotora model which involves using community health workers. The program was developed based on the social-ecological model, which takes into account both biological and environmental factors that may impact individual decisions. To date, approximately 947 patients have been referred by their providers, 539 women have attended an orientation session and 299 women have graduated from the program.