AMCHP Special

  • Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Title V: Read articles written by past AMCHP president, Kathy Peppe and Dr. James F. Quilty, Jr, regarding the 75th Anniversary of Title V.
  • For an excellent overview of the Title V MCH Block Grant, download AMCHP's commemorative booklet Celebrating the Legacy, Shaping the Future, which includes information about Title V, AMCHP, and state and territorial MCH programs.

MCH Library’s 75th Anniversary of Title V of the Social security Act Resources

Offers unique historical documents, new and emerging MCH literature, and podcasts featuring some past and current leaders in the field. For more information, click here 


75 for Title V
The Health Resources and Services Administration encourages you to engage in 75 minutes of service in you community. Find more information


Title V Article
Learn more about Title V maternal and child health through this article by HRSA. There are three formats designed for specific audiences:

·         General and Community Organizations

·         State Policy and Programs

·         Local Policy and Programs 


75th Anniversary Local Celebration Ideas
Engage, explore and envision how your community can celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Title V.  There are ideas tailored for community service and advocacy organizations, academic institutions and parent organizations. See them all here 


MCH 75th Anniversary of Title V - Emerging Leaders Blog
Designed to produce discussion about the importance of Title V among emerging MCH leaders. The site provides a platform for MCH trainees to share commentary, reflections and personal experiences related to Title V. To learn more, visit here 


MCH Timeline
Learn more about the history of Title V with this MCH Timeline. Search by public health and medicine, government and policy, and by different in-depth issues ranging from 1900-2020. View the timeline here 


Understanding Title V of the Social Security Act
This 14-page document gives you a greater understanding Title V. Read the full document here